The Getty Museum At Home Art History Challenge

The Getty Museum of Art recently tweeted a challenge to their Twitter follows to:

  1. Choose your favorite artwork
  2. Find 3 things lying around your house
  3. Recreate the artwork with those items

So first I browsed through the Getty’s collection online and found this “Statue of Jupiter (Marbury Hall Zeus)”, a Roman marble sculpture from 100–1 B.C.

When I saw the broken arms on that sculpture, I knew exactly what I could use … for some reason, I’ve kept a collection of superhero action figures from my childhood, even though a number of them have broken limbs. So my 3 things from my home used to recreate this Roman sculpture include:

  1. A 1970s-era Captain America action figure
  2. A remote control (propped up behind him)
  3. An unused ceramic tile, to mimic the base of the original sculpture)

Here’s my art history match:

Getty Museum Challenge: Roman sculpture of Jupiter and Captain America action figure

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