14 thoughts on “Rock art face effigies found in the Ozarks

  1. Everyday the rock heads keep finding me. No matter where I go, there they are! Amazingly simple but complicated faces. Imagine ever trying to make one. Where, why, and by whom were they made?

  2. Southern Maryland, every single rock in the creek beds have been tooled, faces, heads, animals, fish, and I swear some look just like aliens. We’ve found spear heads and arrow heads as well as what look like story depictions. It’s rather addicting once you start to notice and start to pull elaborate and epic artwork on some!

    1. Story depictions, thanks, no need to not think so. I too see 3D depictions with close magnifying glass observation. Often feeling like I’m in a cave or canon … really mesmerizing.

  3. I thought I was crazy, until I saw this site and everyone’s posts. I see elephant heads in rocks. Everywhere I look, elephants with a curling J trunk. I can turn them and all 4 sides will have a similar elephant head. The rocks I find here in the Mojave Desert, California, all become more beautiful as I turn them and wonder about who made them magical like this.

  4. When in the Ozarks I have found many rocks in which I’ve see several different faces and side profiles of many characters. I’ve found some that appear to be native American but also some that seem to go back to primitive man. One I find common is like a cyclops-looking creature and I can put a lineup of 10 rocks in a row and in the lineup all are facing the same direction and see the same profile in all of them going one way then another in which one way is good and other appears evil. Another thing I noticed if you look at a rock and turn it slowly you’ll notice the face you see gets what appears to be getting older from a young boy, to young man, to middle aged man, to elderly man. I’ve also noticed on the sides of the cliffs there are many faces tooled into them as well.

  5. I’ve got this crazy rock that is small and round with holes in it and quiet heavy for its size that constantly changes every time I look at it no matter what angle. And it has this face that changes as well, totally creepy, far out!?

  6. I would like to share a picture of a skull face effigy but not sure how. It’s very similar to these, I can’t find hardly anywhere. It was passed down from my grandfather who found it in Missouri/ Mississippi River in the 1940s.

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