Diversity in my neighborhood

As I’ve been going out for walks in my neighborhood (Belleville, NJ) recently, I’ve noticed a lot of different – and interesting – displays of yard decorations. I can’t speak on how diverse the human population is around here, but the lawn ornaments are very diverse. All of these below were seen in just the past couple of days within a 1 mile radius of my home.

What would a neighborhood be without a garden gnome … at least we’ve got that covered. But a short distance away was also a tiki head and Uncle Sam.

front yard decorations Belleville NJ

Animals are well-represented: a nearly-life-sized deer, a flamingo and peacock, and two cardboard-cutout huskies.

animal sculptures lawn decorations

Diversity in religion is also represented: from left to right we have Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian figures. Again, all within a mile of my home. It certainly makes for an entertaining walk when I get to “meet” so many different types of inanimate neighbors.

religious figures lawn sculptures Belleville NJ

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