New Public Health signs for these trying times

I went for a walk in the park today, trying to get some exercise outside, since I’ve been voluntarily self-quarantining lately (I’m healthy, to the best of my knowledge). There was no one around, and when I did see the rare person, I kept my distance. I saw this sign at the baseball field, and it reflects the current reality, although I’m sure it’s very disappointing for plenty of kids who are probably ready to get out and start their usual spring baseball season.

COVID-19 public health signs 1

After seeing that initial sign, I found myself noticing other signs in and around the park … and my imagination started to wonder how each sign might possibly get updated to reflect the current times. Below are a collection of real signs posted side-by-side with their new imaginary versions. Stay safe, everyone – and stay healthy!

COVID-19 public health signs 2

COVID-19 public health signs 3

COVID-19 public health signs 4

COVID-19 public health signs 5

COVID-19 public health signs 6

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