A rotary telephone scarf by Vera Neumann

I was at the Museum of Art in Design (otherwise known as the “MAD Museum”) in the late fall when they had an exhibition of the work of Vera Neumann, and I saw this selection of scarves that she had designed. As I was looking through my photographs from the show today, I noticed one in particular … near the right side, in the middle …

Vera Neumann Scarves at MAD Museum NYC

The one I’m referring to is the one with the design of a rotary telephone, below. I’m old enough to have used rotary phones when I was a kid, but I wonder how many kids today would even know what this is? On a side note, even though this was something I was seeing in a museum, keep in mind that these scarves were produced in the 1950s and meant to wear, not to hang in a museum … so if you really wanted one, you could actually get it for yourself!

Vera Neumann rotary phone scarf design

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