Unraveling an art mystery in Chelsea

I was walking around Chelsea, visiting galleries, when I noticed this “wall label” (below left) attached to a column supporting the High Line. At first, I just noticed the title of “The overpass,” and assumed it was a conceptual joke suggesting that an artist was taking credit for the High Line (seen below right) as an art work. But as I looked a little more-closely at the label, I realized that was not it, or rather that there was more to it than this idea … (scroll down for more)

High Line overpass in Chelsea, NYC

I scanned the QR code, and it took me to a website called “fortygreat.com” which appears to be no longer in existence. I decided to check the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to find an older version of the site, when it did exist. It states that the site – and this wall label – was a collaboration between Evan Cifor and Matt Koval “as they pursue creative endeavors and passions.”

Not sure what happened to this collaboration, as it seems to have been wiped away other than the Wayback Machine. If anyone has any info that they would like to share, please do so in the comments section below.

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