James Waring Carpenter designed this – what is it?

I saw this object on display at the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach, and I had to pause and wonder: what exactly is it? I have to admit, my first visual association was the Slinky Dog from Toy Story, but this object was designed by James Waring Carpenter in the 1930s, and is meant as a functional item for the “modern home.” What’s your guess as to what this is? (scroll down below the picture for the answer)

Magazine rack designed by James Waring Carpenter for the McKaycraft line

It’s a modernist Art Deco magazine rack, designed by Carpenter (1900-1967) for the McKaycraft line, manufactured by The McKay Company. I would love to have something like this, but I’d almost be tempted to leave it empty of magazines and display it like a sculpture.

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