Sitting by the fire with Paolo Pelosini

I live in a condo that does not have a fireplace, and on a cold winter day like today, it would be great if I could throw on a few logs and warm up my place with a nice fire. So with that thought in mind, I was drawn to this sculpture by Paolo Pelosini on view at his exhibition “Nocturnes,” at HG Contemporary’s new gallery space at 542 West 26th Street.

Granted, this “fire” wouldn’t keep me warm, but I like the idea of having a sculpture like this in my condo, since I don’t have a fireplace. The image below shows two different views of the same piece, I just wanted to give a second look from a different perspective.

Paolo Pelosini fire sculpture

I wasn’t familiar with Pelosini’s work before seeing this show; he is a sculptor and painter, and this large survey of his work showcases all of his immense talents in full. The exhibition is up through December 14th, 2019, and if you can get over to West 26th Street, I’d highly recommend it. On his artist’s statement on the HG Contemporary website, he mentions that “… at the age of ten, I was given a small encyclopedia with a few color reproductions of paintings, for the first time I saw Leonardo, Monet, and Picasso. I was so fascinated by those images that I knew then that I was going to be an artist.”

Here’s a few more pictures from the show, just to show you that there is much more there – and other work quite different – from this fire-like sculpture.

Paolo Pelosini exhibition at HG Contemporary

Paolo Pelosini paintings

I find it interesting to note that when making sculpture, Pelosini’s materials are found metal objects which he cuts with an ax!

Paolo Pelosini sculpture

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