Art history masterpieces on your feet

I received the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s gift catalog in the mail the other day, and while I saw a number of things of interest, I kind of like the idea of wearing art history masterpieces on my feet. Below left are Mondrian socks, which in fact are not based on a specific painting, but rather meant to “evoke an early example of the geometric mode of painting that Piet Mondrian (Dutch, 1872–1944) called Neo-Plasticism.” Below right are Hokusai Great Wave socks, which, of course, are based on a specific and very famous woodblock print, “Under the Wave off Kanagawa,” which is in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

You know what might be fun? Buy both pairs of socks and wear one of each at the same time …

socks featuring art by Piet Mondrian and Hokusai

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