Pleasant accidents in iPhone 11 Night Mode

I know that Halloween has passed us by, but this blog post is more about the iPhone 11 Night Mode as opposed to this extra-tall Halloween inflatable (seen in Belleville, NJ). I was on an evening walk a few weeks ago when I saw this 12-15 foot tall inflatable, and as I pulled out my relatively-new iPhone 11, I took a picture and accidentally moved the camera before the exposure finished adjusting in Night Mode. I actually like the color shifts and movement that resulted in the image, below left. I walked by the next night and was more-patient when I took another picture in order to try to capture the image correctly, and you can see the comparison, below right.

I might have to play around more with “accidental” night mode shots and see what I can come up with. If any readers out there have funky iPhone images like this that you would like to share, go ahead and send us some.

Halloween inflatables

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