Mysterious Family Photos (part 3)

Here’s another entry on my new series of mysterious family photos – the origin of which came from a trip to Minnesota to help my Mom downsize to a new apartment and the resulting photos that she was getting rid of (and that I scooped up).

And as I mentioned before, I didn’t really have the opportunity to ask my Mom about each of these, as we were both trying to be efficient with our downsizing activities and I could have kept her busy for days trying to get info on all of these. So the mystery exists: who are these guys, and where are they? What year is it? I have no idea … it looks like it could be a university building, or a government building, and yet they’re all in suits with bow ties. I like the shadows coming from their feet … check out our feature on shadows in art here. I also like the texture and various hues of the concrete wall that they’re sitting on top of, it kind of reminds me of a William Baziotes painting.

vintage photo of three men sitting on a concrete wall with shadows

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