Metrocard Art

A few years ago, I saw an exhibition of art by various artists who were all expected to stick to one guideline: make your art using NYC subway Metrocards. I loved that show, and the idea has always stuck in the back of my mind.

At the SCOPE Art Fair this past March, I saw this collection of art works made using Metrocards, featuring (clockwise, from top left) portraits of Al Pacino, Louis Armstrong, Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Lauryn Hill, and Barack Obama. There wasn’t an evident wall tag identifying the artist, but from what I can gather online, these all appear to be the work of Juan Carlos Pinto, a Guatemalan artist and art historian working in New York City.

Metrocard art at the Scope Art Fair

Here’s a detailed look at the Louis Armstrong portrait:

Louis Armstrong portrait made from Metrocards

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