Seeing Vessel up close (but not yet inside)

I was in New York City yesterday, checking out art galleries in Chelsea and then walking the High Line, and finished my walk at the Hudson Yards Public Square, where the interactive public art work known as “Vessel” resides. While I had seen it from a distance several times before, this was my first time to see it up close since it opened to the public on March 15th, 2019.

Vessel public art at Hudson Yards NYC

Of course I was curious to go inside and climb it, but found out that improvised, on-the-spot visits aren’t possible – which makes sense, considering the curiosity level combined with the huge crowds that are in the area at all times of the day. One has to get time-specific entry tickets, which are free, but need to be either reserved in person starting at 9:30 AM for same-day tickets, or in advance online here. It makes total sense, because having the number of people inside limited to a specific number benefits the ability to see and enjoy it, as well as probably being a safety measure. I am definitely interested in reserving tickets and going back sometime in the near future.

Check out the video below for more information on “Vessel.”

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