Flowers and Weeds in the MoMA Store

I was doing a little browsing for holiday gifts in some museum stores online today, and found this pair of intriguing products at the MoMA Store. In the “flower” category, we’ve got the “Mondri Vase,” below left. Inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian, the “Mondri Vase” is actually three vases in one, as it has three different chambers for flowers. I like it because even if you didn’t put any flowers in it, it would still have the appearance of a 3-dimensional Mondrian art work.

In the “weed” category, we’ve got the “OLED Dandelion Objet d’Art,” below right. This mini sculpture was designed by Takao Inoue, and the dandelion is encased in clear acrylic, illuminated by a mercury-free, organic LED (OLED). It is billed as having a rechargeable battery that can go 30 hours of illumination on one charge, with a battery life-span expected to be around 10 years. My question is: since each one of these includes a dandelion that was “hand-picked by the designer,” how long did it take him to find a lot of perfectly-intact dandelions and then get them into the acrylic without the seed head blowing away?*
*See more below the picture

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I always assumed dandelions were weeds … that’s the way most people seem to think of them, especially when they pop up in suburban lawns. However, a quick search on “dandelion” has me finding that it’s actually classified as a flower, or, more-specifically, as a “wildflower.” So in that case, please forgive my label of “weed,” it’s a beloved wildflower instead.

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