Making Art from Collections

I received an invitation from the Woolff Gallery (based in London) to visit them in Miami when they exhibit at Context Art Miami from December 4 – 9. I wish I could join them, but I’ll be home here in New Jersey instead. But I was curious to look at what they will be presenting at the fair, and found an interesting trend: they have several artists who make art out of collections. Let’s take a look at three examples below …

Here is “Badly Behaved Bottles” (along with a detail), by the collaborative team known as “LoveJordan,” which consists of London-based artists Jonny Love and Samuel Jordan. They describe their work this way: “we are fascinated by complexity, en masse, sprawling cities, and a human desire to fill empty spaces and miniatures.”

Love Jordan Badly Behaving Bottles art work

Next up we have Joanne Tinker, below left, with her piece titled “Please Take Your Seat,” which features “luxury wine tops” which have been customized to look like little chairs. Just like LoveJordan’s piece, they are presented on a series of shelves within a frame. According to Woolff Gallery’s press release, Joanne Tinker is a “self-confessed collectaholic.”

Below right we have Nicky Crowther’s piece titled “Fifty Shades of Summer: X-Rated.” Crowther is described as a self-taught artist and vintage toy collector, or in this case, a collection of hand-painted Wayfarer style sunglasses.

artists Joanne Tinker and Nicky Crowther

I found it interesting that a gallery would have three different artists who present work in a similar way – I can’t say that I’ve seen this before. And as far as the show, while I’ll be stuck in cold New Jersey, if you’re in warm Miami, stop by and see them in person!

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