The signs suggest increasing danger on the cliffs in Newport

When I was in Newport, Rhode Island last weekend, I went on the Cliff Walk as well as down and up the “40 Steps” site. The views of both the mansions and the ocean were great, but as I was walking along the path, I noticed this first sign:

Newport RI Cliff Walk danger sign

The message was clear: if you don’t stay on the paved path, you could fall over the edge of the cliff, as this guy above has done. But then another 100 yards or so down the path, I saw this next sign, below. I have to admit, I didn’t stop to look at it very closely, and my first reaction was that this sign was different – like it was the next stage of the fall – where the guy’s head was facing down and he was beginning his plunge into the waters below – which struck me as funny at the time. I see now that it looks like the exact same sign, but just that someone scratched off the rest of the body … but let’s play along with my original perception, that this is stage 2 of the fall from the cliffs. What might stage 3 be? What sign might I expect to find another 100 yards down the path? Scroll down for my hypothetical third sign.

Man falling from cliff on sign at Newport Cliff Walk

Here’s a couple ideas of what the third sign could look like:

Danger Cliff Walk signs in Newport, RI

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