Quoting Van Gogh in a Real Estate Promo

In the course of my search for a new place to live starting this fall, I’ve come across some interesting things and have found myself on several real estate agents’ mailing lists. One agent now sends me a weekly “Weekend Guide” with a list of events that one might want to take in if one lives in the area.

This week’s list includes an event called “Dinner Under The Stars,” in which the restaurants on Washington Street in Bloomfield, NJ, will shut down the street to traffic and will offer outdoor dining and live music. While the event sounds fun, it’s the picture (below left) accompanying the promo that caught my attention. Between the angle of the street view, the yellow and blue colors, and the Photoshop-enhanced “twinkling stars,” it reminded me quite directly of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Café Terrace at Night,” 1888, below right. Do you think the graphic designer who put together this real estate marketing had this connection in mind when creating and enhancing the photograph?

Vincent Van Gogh painting titled Cafe Terrace at Night

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