Commemorating the Twin Towers in the vicinity of new twin towers

I was on my way to the George Washington Bridge, and as I was passing through this EZ-Pass toll facility in Fort Lee, NJ. I noticed something almost simultaneously: the sign over the EZ-Pass sign commemorating the World Trade Center Twin Towers (below left), and a pair of glass “twin towers” in the same vicinity. This pair of matching glass towers in Fort Lee is an apartment complex called “The Modern,” and while I’m sure they were not designed with any reference to the World Trade Center in mind, the proximity of matching towers to this 9-11 commemorative sign caught my attention.

9-11 sign The Modern Fort Lee

In glancing over The Modern’s website, they have some pretty interesting perks, such as a 2 acre park that sits between the two buildings which includes a basketball court, outdoor swimming pools, volleyball pits, and a large-scale tv screen for public viewings. How cool is that? Where else can you walk out of your apartment on a nice summer day, sit in a park outside your front door and watch the Yankees game on your own large-screen outdoor tv?

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