It’s a rock from one angle, and a face from another

First, let me provide a disclaimer – I’m not an expert on rock art, whether it’s Native American rock art or other. But somehow, a series of blog posts on rock art has opened the door for a number of blog readers to submit their own finds, hoping that some exposure through this blog might find an expert who can weigh in on what these people are finding. So, if you are a rock art expert, please let us know and share your insight in the comments section!

Here’s the latest viewer submission. A woman from Texas sent us some pictures … check out this rock below. She writes: “About two days ago I came across this stone. I thought it was a hot plate grindstone of some sort, but when I flipped it over, the profile of a human face with a stem at the bottom appeared.” Here’s a first look at the stone:

rock art found in texas

It doesn’t look like much more than a pointy rock, from that angle, but let’s take another look when turned sideways … now do you see the profile of a human face? One can see what appears to be a rounded top-of-the-head, sloping down to the forehead, a nose, and then a chin and the beginning of a neck. Do you see it now? The 2nd picture (below right) in the woman’s hand shows us the scale of its size, which makes it somewhat similar in size to this face effigy, which was found in Georgia.

face effigy made of rock found in Texas

If anyone has any thoughts or knowledge on pieces like this, please share with us in the comments below.

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