Unexpected Basquiat (look-alike) found in Google Street View

I was looking up an address in Google Maps regarding some real estate in Jersey City, and when I went to “street view,” I saw this picture below. Check out the Sazon Moving & Delivery truck … how great is that? I love the moving guys carrying a gray blob and being surrounded by floating gray blobs. It all reminded me of Jean-Michel Basquiat. “How?” you might ask … scroll down to see.

Sazon Moving and Delivery in Jersey City

I think it was something about the simplistic depiction of the movers, along with the floating abstract shapes that reminded me of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s 1987 painting “Light Blue Movers,” as seen below right. If the truck just had a few more scrawlings on it, it might make for a nice diptych.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Light Blue Movers, 1987

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