Marble and Mirror Mayhem

Wow. Before I even get started, I have to say “wow.” If you’re a regular reader of the Artsology blog, you may have seen some of my recent real estate photo posts. I’ve been looking at properties for myself, but I’m seeing some crazy stuff that sometimes has me looking around just for entertainment value, because some people have some wild tastes in interior design. And this house – let’s just say it’s in Essex County, NJ, so nobody gets mad at me – is a cornucopia of marble and mirrors. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it, where it permeates the whole house. Let’s take a look.

Clockwise, from top left: the tv room has marble floors, a marble wall, and for some unknown reason, mirrored ceiling panels. The top middle bathroom has marble floors, walls, and even the ceiling! Let’s make it into a fun house with the full-wall mirror. Another bathroom, top right, is a little more sedate, but still plenty of marble and mirrors. But bottom right, a third bathroom has cathedral ceilings with marble and mirrors everywhere! Wow! Last but not least, the bedroom has marble floors, a marble wall, and of course a nice big mirror.

a home in Essex County NJ with marble and mirrors everywhere

My friend, we are not done here yet. Let’s go again in a clockwise direction, starting at top left: another bedroom, but this time with a marble platform! I don’t see any mirrors in this room, but they’ve made up for the deficiency with this fine black panther sculpture. Top right, as we go downstairs, we have a nice full wall of marble, and then we’ve got two more bathrooms, all jacked up with marble and mirrors. Speaking of bathrooms, you’ll never have to go far in this house if you need to use one, because the house has 7 full bathrooms and one half bath. One more time: wow.

mirrors and marble dominate this house interior design style

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