It’s National Creativity Day!

Today, May 30th, is “National Creativity Day.” I had never heard of this day before, but it seems like it might be something new, and from what I can gather, it was initiated this year by film producer Hal Croasmun, who wants to encourage people to embrace their own creativity and support other creative people in their lives. He suggests that people “do what you can to acknowledge, motivate, and inspire people to pursue their dreams.”

In honor of National Creativity Day, I’ve decided to show you another instance where I find references to modern art in nature. I was walking my dogs a few weeks ago when I noticed this shadow on the sidewalk created by the bare branches of a little tree. I know it’s a little bit of a stretch, but it made me think of the abstract expressionist painter Franz Kline. Scroll down to see how I transform this shadow into a Franz Kline painting.

tree branch shadows remind me of Franz Kline

I’ve extracted this shadow from the sidewalk and placed it on a canvas in what we could imagine as Franz Kline’s studio, below left. The finished “tree-shadow-Franz-Kline” painting is then framed and hung in an art collector’s home, below right.

artist Franz Kline in his studio

What are you going to do to celebrate National Creativity Day? Share with us in the comments section below.

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