Declaring the border under the bridge

I was running an errand to Home Depot and on my way home when I noticed this on Dodd Street under the overpass leading to the entrance to the Garden State Parkway. It struck me as odd for a couple reasons, the main one being the exact specificity of this location. It was about 10 feet in from the edge of the overpass support wall, and about 15 feet from the street corner. How many people care that the border is here and not at the end of the block? Is the border so hotly contested that we need to draw this line in the concrete, under a bridge?

From a visual standpoint, I like the fact that it’s surrounded by non-matching paint meant to cover up graffiti, which in this case lends itself to looking like a mural-sized abstract expressionist painting.

Marked border between Bloomfield NJ and East Orange NJ on Dodd Street

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