Two heads on the sidewalk, set in slate stone

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that there have been numerous occasions over the years where I tend to see interesting things on the slate sidewalks in Glen Ridge, NJ. Even though I’m often walking the exact same path (down Ridgewood Avenue), either while walking my dogs or on my way to the train station, I still tend to see different things at different times, depending on my level of attention. Others – like the Adolph Gottlieb bubblegum – I remember the location and notice on a regular basis.

At any rate, today I noticed these two “heads.” I first saw the one on the right, and thought – especially with the location of the skinny yellow leaf – that it seemed like a straight-faced profile, so I snapped a picture. Then I have to admit, I was hoping I could find another head-like indentation in the slate sidewalks still ahead of me, and then I saw this guy, below left. In this case, I’ll admit – while the leaf was indeed stuck within that wet spot, I did turn it sideways so that it could look like an eye similar to the first one. But that was the only thing I did with either of these – otherwise, they’re straight photos. With the dark wet spots, big open mouth and flapping lips, the guy on the left looks like he’s pretty mad and hollering at the guy on the right, who simply keeps calm. Pretty good stuff, don’t ya think?

two heads seen on the slate sidewalks of Glen Ridge, NJ

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