Holzer-like messages on the sidewalks

Are you familiar with the artist Jenny Holzer? She is a conceptual artist with the main focus of her work being the presentation of words and ideas in public spaces. Some of her earliest (and best known) works are her “Truisms,” three of which are included below.

Examples of Jenny Holzer Truisms

Lately, as I’ve been walking my dogs along my usual route, I’ve been seeing a series of messages scrawled on the sidewalks near the Glen Ridge train station. They’re always written in chalk, and they’re usually consisting of uplifting and positive messages. So, in that sense, they’re not truly Holzer-like as far as stating any sort of “truism,” but I like the public nature of them, encouraging anyone walking by to think positive thoughts. Below are a few of the latest messages by our unknown-and-mysterious chalk writer. (if you have any tips on who the author might be, please share in the comments below)

positive chalk messages written on Glen Ridge sidewalks

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