Man with puppy sculpture in Beacon, NY

I was visiting Beacon, NY today, and as I was walking down Main Street, I noticed this sculpture of a man with a puppy on his chest, laying down in the grass (it’s on the north side of Main Street just off of North Cedar Street). I saw several other public sculptures on Main Street that had little plaques with the artist’s name and title of the art work, but not for this one … does anyone know who the artist is? (if so, please share with us so that we can properly credit the artist here).

sculpture of man laying in grass with puppy on chest, in Beacon NY

The other sculptures that had plaques (we’ll show some of them soon) were all part of a public sculpture initiative by an organization called Beacon 3D … I don’t see this particular sculpture on their website, but the same location (in this yard surrounded by buildings on 3 sides) is on the site … maybe they can help me ID the artist. At any rate, I love this piece and the way it was situated in the grass, with the figures laying out in the sun – exactly what a real dog owner and his or her puppy might do.

sculpture of man with dog laying in grass in a lot on Main Street in Beacon, NY

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