Animal Watching by Maizz Visual

“Animal Watching” is an art video installation in Mexico City designed and produced by Maizz Visual, a Mexico City creative team led by José Morente and Israel Villalobos (pictured below right in the inset). In this art work, the treetops of Parque España were transformed into various gigantic animal heads, whose intense eyes watched and followed the public passing by. The goal of this art installation was to raise awareness about the destruction of
ecosystems and animal species. This is in response to a statement by the World Wide Fund for Nature, which stated that in the last 42 years, almost half of the world’s wild animals have disappeared due to the serious deterioration of their habitats.

In “Animal Watching,” a total of 8 different animal faces appear and disappear in a continuous sequence with a total running time of approximately 7 minutes, which is then repeated in a continuous loop. Scroll down below the picture to see the video installation …

Animal Watching, a video installation by Maizz Visual

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