Empty picture frames at the White House

I was watching some political coverage on CNN last night about President Obama’s last night at the White House and the transition for President-elect Donald Trump, when they showed a wall of empty picture frames. They explained that there had been pictures of President Obama there, and they had been removed in advance of Trump’s moving in today (this picture provided below is not the actual White House and was created by me to illustrate this story only).

It struck my curiosity in a couple ways: how many pictures of himself did Obama have hanging around the White House? Is it just me, or does it seem a bit strange to have galleries of images of yourself in your residence?

On a more-practical level, did they really have to unframe everything? Does this mean that these picture frames are always here, waiting for each President to load up with pictures of themselves? I know there are plenty of things accumulated by the Presidents over the years that must remain in the White House as permanent property, it just seems weird to me that a bunch of simple black picture frames need to stay on the wall.

Obama removed his pictures and left these empty frames at the White House

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