A new fascination with construction sites and visual composition

When I go into NYC, I’m often walking around the Chelsea neighborhood, exploring all of the art galleries there. But lately I’ve found myself fascinated by all of the construction sites and funky new architecture going up in the neighborhood. Between the Hudson Yards project, and all of the new luxury condos and apartments going up in Chelsea, there’s a lot of cranes, trucks, and construction equipment all around. It’s not so much the actual construction that interests me, but rather all of the visual details and inherent compositions that I’m finding in these construction sites.

I know this may sound a bit confusing, so here’s an example. Check out this photograph below, which I took at a construction site on West 25th Street (I think … either 25th or 24th, between 10th and 11th Avenues). It’s a straight photo, just a view of the work-in-progress. But there’s something about the lines – the vertical pipes and the horizontal bands of color, interrupted by the diagonal cut of the hand-railing for the stairs – which I think makes for a pleasing composition. Scroll down for more …

a view of a construction site in Chelsea

The other thing I like about this particular view of this construction site is that the composition – along with the specific colors – reminds me of Richard Diebenkorn’s work. When I crop the construction picture just so, as you can see below left, do you see the similarities that I see with Diebenkorn’s painting below right?

comparing a construction site to a Richard Diebenkorn painting

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