Vacations and Street Art

I was browsing around online on my phone, and came across a headline link that asked: “Would you go on vacation to see street art?” I can’t say that I’ve specifically planned a vacation with seeing street art as the main objective, but I’ve certainly kept an open eye for street art on most of my vacations … it’s just something I enjoy. Here’s a brief look at some of the street art I’ve seen in some of the locations I’ve visited. This is just a small sampling; you can see more of our street art adventures at The Arts Adventurer.

mural by French street artist Roti in Ithaca NY
Mural by French street artist Roti in Ithaca NY
Joe Iurato street art in Asbury Park
Boy with octopus mural by Joe Iurato in Asbury Park, NJ
refurbished mural by Bob Hieronimus in Baltimore: We The People
Mural by Bob Hieronimus in Baltimore.
street art by Samuel Leyba snake mosaic Santa Fe
Tile mosaic titled “Duality and the Fifth Sun” by Samuel Leyba
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