Native American Indian stone art …?

I posted the other day about a woman who sent me a picture of a rock that she had found, asking for clarification about petroglyphs and pictographs … she had mentioned at the time that she had found several interesting pieces in and around Henry County, Tennessee, but that no one can identify them.

Here’s another picture of one of those other pieces, below left. She thinks it could be a “face effigy,” and based on this photograph below right (which I found online) showing a known Native American Indian artifact, it seems like it could be … they’re both about the same size, and the way that the eyes and jaws are carved has some similarities.

Our picture-submitting friend said: “I have been studying Henry County history and collecting artifacts that many others have called ‘just rocks’ … I have been doing this for two years now.” If anyone out there can share any info or insight on the white and gray piece below left, please share in the comments below.

rock art found in Henry County Tennessee

For more on the story about our portable rock art blog posts and the coverage of rock art and face effigies at Artsology, read this page here as a starting point.

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156 thoughts on “Native American Indian stone art …?

  1. I have several of the same. It is the “one eye open one shut/closed” deity figure. I believe that I found some information about the same type of figure was found in France and other places.

        1. For about three years I have been on a mission, it seems to some I’m crazy because those are just rocks, but recently I have made a discovery. I don’t know who to tell because everyone else has said I’m crazy, but I have found that the natives hid pictures of their chiefs, women, and babies, etc. Any piece that you may not know what it was, go back and take a second look – only change a few aspects (very, very important). Key standards: #1, light being the most important. Hold it up between you and a light, don’t only look at it flat like a piece of paper, look at it from the edges, also reflections that come from holding it up to light. #2, also important, look across high spot to high spot (ridge to ridge over the valley) and rotate, noticing similarities such as dots, shapes, dips, even reflections … lines that when the light is applied correctly will astonish you. I guarantee, in some cases, it will take your breath away. Holographic images of native man as if you are looking through time right into his eyes face to face. I know, crazy right? I have many of these, but to prove it, look at your own, you will see. I’m sure of this, I have no idea how old but it would seem that it has been lost to time. No one I have mentioned it to knows anything. Crazy me, but they’re everywhere, amazing images, three dimensional photos. Ridge to ridge, they even worked the shadow that a stone makes on its self. Fact: we don’t know a thing about being thorough. I would like to believe that they wanted us to see their art but it seems as if they hid it from us in plain sight but all we have to do is pick it up and hold it up to the light and keep an open mind, because wow, paper has given us a flat way of looking at things not at all the way they saw things. Their paper was indeed a sphere, not even 360 degrees but 720, so to speak, that being said, I am just a dumb ol’ country boy that sees things differently than most folks who are smarter than myself or so they think.

          1. I completely get this! Think of light flickering in a cave, catching different views as you turn the stone. The first kinds of animation. I feel like I read somewhere about this, but more I just have observed with stones. Hard for us to imagine with our flat reality – paper, screens, etc, but we are 3-D, so is the world we see, so why wouldn’t ancient humans make their images of loved ones, important people the same way? The shadow, ridge, etc is such a great point to bring up, and how many different things you can see in one piece. Imagine spending time in the winter around a fire, seeing the face of a stone you work on take shape as you work on it, gazing around you at others … of course in different lighting you could make multiple different features on one stone, even to tell a story with.

          2. Well said and thank you for being crazy like myself. I have hundreds of them, exactly how you have described here, thank you my friend.

          3. You just said and explained exactly how I feel and have felt for the entire past year of my life, word for word perfectly!!! Even dozens or maybe even hundreds of very tiny pics or scratch-in of animals, shapes, symbols or drawings of people, and landscapes in all different directions every way you turn or flip it over. And I mean on very small stones and pebbles and even flakes. You need a magnifying glass to even be able to see some of these things. Every single person has not only said hey man, they’re only rocks, but they suggest I’m crazy!!! But I don’t care because I’m not crazy and I’m definitely not wrong, and one day archeologists will have to finally admit it’s the truth and they really are artifacts!

          4. Totally get you! And I hear that all the time: they are just rocks. I have so many questions, but no one can answer me because I discovered something no one else sees, right?

          5. Hi Devin, my name is Jennifer. I have also discovered this as well and I have an overabundance of pieces with extremely noticeable detailing. Maybe we can compare our pieces.

          6. Bro. Where are you from that you are collecting your rocks??? I just told my girlfriend the other day while taking a very close look at a stone when water was applied then a bright light on it I got a 3d image somewhat like a hologram!!!! That’s unbelievable you are seeing the same thing!!! Blows my mind. Everyone looks a at me and laughs when I collect these rocks but I believe they are a long lost art and technology themselves.

          7. People said the same to me and I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t see what I saw – if it wasn’t an arrowhead it was just a rock so I held onto them because I believed in what I saw, I was so happy to get clarification that I wasn’t crazy, so I’m “rock”-ing on with what I believe – I loved your post!

          8. In regards to others thinking you’re crazy, I am currently going through the exact same thing! I have found amazing artifacts that are not only used as tools but have terrific profiles of animals, people, and also looks as to have primitive writing on the stone that tells a story.

          9. I believe you, Devin – I have a stone myself I call my seeing stone. I have seen many of the same things you have. I’ve been told I have Cherokee in my family, I feel it’s a medicine man’s face stone. As you hold it and look into it with oils on it or water it changes, almost moves, to a story. I call it moving the mountain. But it means seeing the future or past … very cool.

          10. Devin, yes, yes and yesssssss!!!!! I tell people the very same thing about the 3D and 2D situation. It’s exciting to find someone who sees! Thanks for writing this.

          11. My daughter moved a year ago to land in Northern Tuscaloosa county and has been finding many effigy rocks, tools, arrow heads, etc. She thinks it could be burial grounds. When you said “crazy,” that is exactly what she felt at first! And then I began to see it too and thought that I’m crazy too. Unbelievable what is on these rocks and what the rock itself is!

          12. Are you single because I’ve got the perfect girl for you. My friend who sees etchings (while I say they are just rocks) – I will set you up!

          13. I totally believe everything you’re saying – I recently tried explaining these to my friends and family, some get it, some don’t, but the more they come back, the more they notice. Yes, the lighting is the key … I have rocks everywhere and every day I look at them I see something different whether it’s an actual scene of landscape of what was going down in history, or a message for their friends and families, or a map of where they were, or something that was left for them. Then you notice numbers, what do they mean… I have so many rocks and understanding their language if they are Native American tribes, Egyptians, Chinese … I absolutely love my rocks. Several of my buddies poke fun and ask me when are you going to rock the driveway. The answer is NEVER. This is History and if we don’t keep it, study it, or understand it, then we will never know our ancestors, the people who actually made us, and who we are today. I could go on and on but you can see my passion for these rocks. I can stand there in one spot just and look for hours and hours and never get bored. BELIEVE US, OPEN YOUR MIND AND ACTUALLY LOOK AND TURN THE ROCK UNTIL YOU SEE AND UNDERSTAND, IT’S ALL RIGHT THERE. I can understand lots and lots of them but the numbers and there’s lots of numbers on almost every rock, what do they mean? Some I can tell, others I can not. I have some with signatures on them, lots of them are tools they used, they didn’t have craftsman tools as we do today, jewelry … anyways, I will leave it to all you rock enthusiasts. “Keep on Rocking.” I will!

          14. I have found the same, everyone thinks I’ve lost my mind but I know what I’ve seen in so many rocks all around the US. On some at every turn you see a different animal or faces carved in the same rock. It’s breath taking.

          15. I know your post is a year old, I hope you see my reply. I don’t think you’re crazy, in fact I think you got a great eye. In the last 2 years I started out finding a big spear point and a few arrowheads in a location that I work at. I have been working in a very secluded area near a major river where I live. I have been there for 8 years and took walks on my breaks, etc … but at the site and walking around on my breaks I noticed a lot of rocks, mostly granite or quartz rocks that for years I just assumed were from repairing the road which is mostly just sand. After finding a few arrowheads, I started looking harder to find more and that’s when I started picking up all the rocks I would see. Some I thought looked cool and kept them and not till later looked at them and started noticing what looked like faces of people or animals. The carving would be missed unless you look at the rocks at the right angle or with the right lighting. After some Googling and research I realized I wasn’t seeing things and that Natives carved a lot of stones effigies in the likeness of animals or people who had significance to them, such as religious or just admiration or to inherit things about that person/animal they like. Over time I found more and more and like you would show people and they couldn’t see what I was seeing unless the carving was like a perfect carving with obvious features. But times and elements wear rocks down and make some harder to see. I can understand 1000% what your saying. Some bi-facial effigies I have can have several different people or animals on one stone and it all depends on how you look at them. It would be great to share and talk to someone who has found and see some of the same things I have.

          16. I could have written that myself, word for word. It blows my mind how unknown this stuff is. Part of me likes the mystery … almost like being part of a special secret or gift. Another part of me, however, is angry that this is overlooked and dismissed by those trained to identify and put these types of puzzles together. I have bins full of rock art I’ve collected here in Austin and central TX. Not hard to find at all. It’s almost made me crazy, like, am I losing my mind? Why don’t they see it? I guess I know the answer, or at least in my own opinion I do. The mind is a mysterious thing. An open mind is key. I have lived all my life and only the last couple of years have I stumbled on this. First, arrowheads. Then stone tools. Then one day I swore I saw a face on one. Nah, I compared it to seeing faces/objects in clouds just as the archeological community does: pareidolia (the term is for the mind forming faces out of coincidental lines and shapes). But, then, I realized it was in fact the real thing. The light, the angle, the perspective are all in fact, key. The images play in shadow. I wondered, why are they everywhere? Why would they be everywhere? But if you think about it, we as modern humans catalogue, memorialize, and document everything either by writing letters, sending emails, texting, calling, taking pictures. So, could it be a lot of what we find is the one way they had to do this? That would seem to explain the volume of artifacts/effigies all around us. We each leave a trail, multiple times of day. Also, it’s intriguing that there is no information about these rocks being told by native Americans, or, at least I have yet to come across any. Could it be what we see could be the oldest form of communication between humans, so old that it was overshadowed by later findings? Another insight; these people were hand-eye masters. The micro-images that take a magnifying glass to see, yet are full masterpieces on their own like, full bodies, families, animals … it is so precise that there is just no room for speculations of anything other than a skill lost and forgotten, even ignored. I know I’ve said a lot here. I just want people to understand that timelines and historical “facts” are only subject to experience and opinions. There is always the possibility of something else incredible that can change the course of history. These are just plain overlooked and understudied. The diversity of images, whether it be of human, animal, nature, lore, maps, warnings, threats, symbols, fact or fictional dreamscape art, is definitely not a simple answer of who and what.

          17. Hey Devin, you’re 100% right, I’ve recently discovered this same thing and I have found some amazing artworks around here in north GA.

            I’ve found there is almost only 4 shapes to what we call the stone or pebble kind of “rocks,” all of them actually. Most all are multidimensional and will contain warrior faces from the profile aspect along the side ridges, multiple animals such as bear faces, bird faces, fish, snakes, and such.

            I’ve found some amazing quality stuff that is obvious that it’s been worked, you can see their tool marks on most every rock too.

          18. Buddy, I see the same things, some almost like they have a story to tell, or there is some kind of map and people think I’m crazy, tell me I’m cursed, or the rocks are cursed. I have at least 20 if not more rocks. I even got one that looks like a ship in water, flip it and it shows what looks like an Indian crying, flip it on its side and it shows Indians in a cave tied with hands behind their back, flip it flat and it looks like a burial ground with mounds and I think you’re exactly right about what you’re saying. I wish I could really prove this to some people but they think I’m just crazy. I even got a rock once, if you wet it, it shows glyphics. Please share pictures of yours, mine was found in Polk County, Tennessee, next to North Carolina and Georgia state lines.

          19. I was just now trying to find information on this very thing, and just now ran onto this site, its 2022 … still, maybe you will see this … you are no dumb country boy but more aware than most … also I wonder about hidden messages on these objects, run them under water for a bit … I am not the smartest cookie in the cookie jar but something is happening here.

          20. You are not crazy. I keep finding the same patterns over and over. I keep finding mountains on the rocks too. Usually the mountain looks like water is flooding down the left side. I believe it is their flood story. The mountain tends to be the shell of the turtle. Keep on looking.

          21. Wow, I can’t believe it, finally. You are not crazy!! I see the same thing. You can even see people hanging on cliffs. It is like the rock is alive. I have even seen people walking from far away right up to me almost. It is crazy. I hope you get this message, I would definitely like to understand this with someone. Because everyone thinks I’m crazy also. And it is so frustrating, I feel like screaming sometimes which I actually have done a couple of times. Please get back to me.

          22. Hi, I’m considered crazy too. Pertaining to what you have described has pretty much clarified my belief that the depth of detail in each piece goes beyond a single face, I can study a single rock/pebble and see not one but multiple images, I say images because it’s not just a human image but 9 out of 10 it’s a snake head consuming a human head/face. Yup, call me crazy … but it’s true and if I study the rock for another hour I can find more, and, the rock is so small it’s imperceptible to grasp the fact of what I’m seeing. I know what I have and I know that it’s significant enough to be extremely important, I live in northern Michigan and some of the rock images look to be Egypt-related, for instance I have a small rock with carving of an elephant but is similar to an Egyptian tomb.

          23. I’ve found the same thing in many of the small stones that I find here in southeastern Arizona. I actually came online this morning searching to see if anyone else has found this or if it is a known historical thing. Like you said though, it seems like a relatively undocumented way of mapping, and communication among other things. I’ve found that if you can find a round one or look on the edges and turn some of them, its almost as if viewing something in motion. Amazing. Around where I’m located it seems the clever natives have been around so long and had so much patience and time on their hands that they are on almost everything. Thank you for your post. Very exciting.

          24. I don’t think you are crazy at all. But if you are I am as well. I have been collecting these masterpieces for years. I literally have thousands of them. And yes, I am called crazy as well. I have come to the conclusion that this was a form of communication. If you turn the rocks in your hand, placing your thumb in different areas you can feel the “worn” spots and the images morph into something different. They generally always have an animal along with a male and female image. Some that I have found appear to be very comical as if for children. Some, on the other hand, are very dark and cold. The abundance of them have made me come to the realization that it could be a lost form of communication. When put under a magnifying glass the evidence of manipulation by humans is overwhelming.

          25. Ok …this is true about the shadows that some of the rocks can make. I thought I was crazy but I can see the “shadow stories” too. I can even take a clear video/photograph of the shadows. I have one that looks like people chasing a buffalo. Maybe the shadows were to train/scare/warn children? I could see them being scary and seemingly mythical by a campfire. I need to do more research and find an expert to look at my stones. I have found some VERY nice effigy/story stones.

          26. Ecclesiastes 3:5 New Century Version (NCV)
            There is a time to throw away stones and a time to gather them.

            These rocks move me in a spiritual way if you look closely the faces are made up of numbers different number to cover numbers and maps and names and multiple others and the more you look the more you see. I am trying to understand these more but the numbers are some type of sequence but I haven’t figured them out yet. I found my first about two weeks ago and I can’t stop it’s almost like they just pop up to me and I show others and they think I’m crazy. I have found around 10 in the last week but have realized that I have found 100s over the years. You can also use a black light to see more and try sand or sugar or powder of some sort and hold the rocks at different angle and lightly sprinkle the dust over it and it’s unreal what else comes out of the rock thing that couldn’t be imagined until seen. Also use a big magnifying glass and hold back a far distance or use phone filters that highlight the crevasses.

          27. You are not crazy….I live in New Mexico and can show you things on rocks that will blow your mind…

          28. Finally someone else who has seen what I have seen! Here in Northern Wayne County Ohio I have found some amazing ones. It’s like they were meant to be seen with my cell phone camera. When I get the light right they pop out at you. I can’t get a clear enough picture to prove it to anyone because these images have so much depth my camera can’t focus. I’ve tried with multiple cameras.

          29. You just described myself! I see these too. Everybody thinks im the crazy rock lady lol i seem to be able to find a image but turn it the opposite direction and i see a totally different one. Like a face one way and a bird the other. It has recently occured to me that maybe these rocks are actually pieces of wood that would be easy to make images on and it so old it is now petrified and now the stone we pick up todaay. Just a idea i wanted to share with someone that has my same passion for this.

          30. Me too I discovered something amazing I lot of it and no one believes me the few I shard with they think I am crazy also it’s a gift from the heavens

      1. The one eye deity is still around today and it is everywhere throughout time … it represents the same thing that the celebrities hold one hand over one eye or cover one eye. The one eye is symbolic for Satan.

  2. I am in Northern California. I am a rock hound since the age of 10, I am now 40+. I have found hundreds of these faces walking the rivers as of late. I try to walk everyday to find a stone treasure of some sort. In the last two years I have found things that blow my mind. I have researched and found nothing. I am at a loss. Please … some of these are so human that the artist has caused me fear when they are looking back up at me. The stones vary from chute to meteorite. I am in awe.

    1. If you’d like, please share some pictures (via e-mail on the contact page) of the ones that you find the most-intense, this sounds pretty amazing. We can post them on the blog and see if anyone has any information.

      1. Why do you say be careful with those rocks? I have thousands of them, I have 6 tobacco pipes, over 800 arrowheads and many tools and other artifacts. Sometimes I wonder if I should have them, so why do you say be careful?

        1. There are laws on artifacts in the US. As long as its on private land, you are fine, at least where I live. Always check your local laws and be mindful of where you are collecting things. I have found hundred of things where I live and work but I have got to a point that I rarely keep things anymore unless its just mind blowing one-of-a-kind. I just admire things and put them back or in the case of where I work, when I find artifacts sometimes I do move them to a wooded area where I know it won’t be destroyed or loaded on a truck and hauled off to who-knows-where because of the dirt mining we do.

        2. Yes, mine are arrow heads, some tools, and some sceneries, also I’ve been finding these really colorful ones. You have to buff them up to see the pictures! Unbelievable! My whole family is also picking on me.

    2. It scares the crap out of you!! I know, right. Some of these stones are magic mirrors. And actually possess power. Crazy mon, we be jamming, mon.

      1. Yes me too! I have been finding a lot of float copper with these carvings. I’m wondering what causes them to carve into the mineral deposits on the top of the copper surface and then I began to see why, it is a very interesting process to work on the calcification but I understand why, I am able to see that it is an added dimension to the art. The majority of my carvings have been done in float copper but I have more of the same type of art on different stones and it seems like the artist is purposefully using quartz and other crystal structures on the base stones. The pieces I have seen that have been disturbingly threatening are those that have an innocence or are approachable to behold. I have seen bird faced humanoids and other demons who do not appear to be the kind that have anything but hatred. I have one in my bedroom that is a very cool eagle that is carved into purple crystals and has a black shadow that looks like a black eyed thing with moose antlers and a person with him is being held down by the beast onto a large rounded rock and he has a big blade coming directly towards this poor person and he is almost calling to me to help him from being sacrificed by the beast. I have noticed that the majority of the stones that I have seen are covered in feathers or lined intricately and they are seamlessly part of the entire body of work. I’m mostly comforted and I am grateful to have the stones in my possession until they inevitably become part of the life of another. I feel like this is the main purpose for the stones to convey to the ones who have gazed upon them is to live is to die and to be able to see the world in a different way that we have gained a understanding that we are just a little piece of the same world that existed when the stones were first carved. It has a different meaning and it is a hard one to comprehend because we are detached from the earth and the cycles of life and nature. I see that in the stones, that everything is a little piece of the same cycle and we are sharing it with the good and evil, past and future. I feel like I really needed to share this and I am really excited to see that this phenomenon is known as the information about what the stones are only exist here. We are all very much aware of what we have in the stones and we are the very ones that they have been waiting for! By the way I am from the upper peninsula of Michigan, I am a little surprised at how widespread this is and what it means, but I still think that the stones are amazing art that is from the earth on which we live.

  3. Finally!!! I was beginning to think that I was the only one who was seeing them. I have rocks that actually tell stories. Personally, I believe that rocks were how early mankind communicated. I have found rocks that have faces every way you turn them. An angry face to an animal face depending on how you hold it. Linda, I have some that will make the hair on your neck stand up when you look at them.

    1. I have found rocks that makes tears fall from my eyes and I’m a 35 year old man from the south. I’m not supposed to start crying for no reason, lol, but for real – just unreal relations from a rock.

      1. It kind of makes you feel crazy but as you learn, wow! Magical stuff, right on dude, not many men will admit but I will too. A dang rock made me cry, then it was a tree. I’m closer with earth than I’ve ever been. Thanks for your comment, thanks to Artsology for their work on this blogging rock art website.

    2. Hi, my name is Derek from Michigan. I myself have piles of rocks through my whole house, and the kids think I’m crazy. For the last couple years I’ve been noticing every rock almost like they’ve touched them all before we got here. Have you ever thought the rocks we find we might have made in another life? It is very strange that not everyone can see, they think you are nuts, it is like they are blind. Another thing, if you ever look at gravel, small pieces of stone smaller than pennies, they have multiple faces on them, they are small tools almost like little people made them, their eyes were so precise.

  4. My dad has found many rocks like this in his backyard in Northern California. Lots of human and animal effigies. We are trying to collect, catalog, and learn as much as we can from them based on the similarities we see from piece to piece.

    We also believe it was a way for early mankind to communicate. We think they were likely used to teach hunting and tracking skills, to tell stories during the long winter days, for toys for children to play with, for decoration, to identify family groups or tribes or ranks within a tribe, and possibly for spiritual tools as well. But all is speculation at this point.

    1. There are too many of these stones with face images for a logical explanation. I have seen the ground covered with them in a radius of ten feet … this brings to mind thought of a daily offering by each to the images on the rock. How do I send some photos to you? Sad is the number of people that can not comprehend the fact that a human did this work on so many stones throughout the states. So many everywhere, perplexing and questionable. I believe they were done for a very deep belief.

      1. I read somewhere that faces could be carved into stones to bury with the dead, possibly of that person. Maybe explains why so many have one eye closed, or Xed out – a symbol to mean the body has died, the soul lives on.

  5. I have found hundreds if not more … all different sizes … but this face strikes me! Love all the beautifully engraved and carved animals out of many different gemstones. Wish I knew the meanings … in eastern Idaho. Also, has anyone else noticed the multitude of owls found?

    1. Yes, I have many owl rocks as I call them. I’ve been collecting for about 7 years now. Not everyone has the gift to see what these rocks offer. I have an unbelievable collection of face rocks, story rocks, art rocks, and many other rocks, that I believe were used as a way to pass down a very detailed history about a culture of people from so far back, that it’s incomprehensible, for people to accept or grasp onto something this huge. I have been teased and laughed at by the folks, who just can’t or won’t see and acknowledge these things.

    2. Yeah I have an owl that is carved out of float copper, intricate feathers like the rest of the stones but the owl has a grid pattern on it so it would look like a great horned owl, but the owl would be just a owl except for a little demon head with devil horns and wings in the middle of the owl’s ears, in fact the devil horns and the demon’s wings are almost like it is inside of the owl. Very well crafted owl, demon and all, and the imagery is incredible and disturbing all in the same breath.

  6. I am from East Texas, and I found one almost identical today, would love to share pics and talk to someone who also appreciates fine art, I’ve only been collecting for six months and I have a large selection of all types of rock, minerals and I believe gold pieces. I would like some input on this, thanks.

    1. Hello – feel free to share pictures with us via e-mail, and we can post them on the blog and see if anyone out there can provide some helpful feedback.

  7. Hearing all of your comments makes me feel not so crazy. I have spent probably 1,000 hours or more over the past two years exploring the 900 acres of land owned by my family since the 1870’s. After finding all that I have, I am again reminded that we do not ever “own” land but we are caretakers only. I would love to share my finds with others.

  8. I too am a rock hound, and being a retired cross country truck driver of 25 years, I have also found hundreds if not thousands of all shapes and sizes. I have created rock gardens in my front and back yards and they just keep expanding. I am far from being an expert but have researched some of the shapes, symbols, and writings that I see most on mine and a lot of them seem to depict the Knights Templar from the time of their arrest, imprisonment, and ungodly torture, and death, and others seem to be beautiful examples of Native American rock art. I can’t wait to show this site to my kids and friends who think I’m nuts, or making them myself.

      1. It is a shame, isn’t it? Seems like 80% of the population are like clowns or something. So simple, right in front of your eyes. The people who cannot see them are nuts. Maybe every human’s eyes are different like dogs and birds, who knows, it’s crazy, one day we’ll find out.

  9. I’m from Louisville KY and I have literally thousands of stone carvings and effigies (that I repurpose into jewelry) that can’t be explained by anyone. Also sticks with strange alien carvings and images. But the strangest one by far is a stone carving of a half almost human face and half warrior mask about the size of a quarter.

    1. I’m in Northern California and we have found thousands of rocks; in fact they range from boulders to tiny pebbles and I think we stumbled upon something ritualistic and sacred in our area that’s freaking me out quite a bit, including my children. There’s a man with a warrior face, then there’s a woman, kind of alien-looking person, and other strange creatures, and none of the pictures they carved seem positive, they all seem very creepy and demonic. I could be wrong but we all haven’t been well since stumbling upon and disturbing the rocks.

      1. Victoria, Do not fret, nor let / allow any bad vibes / energy to surround you and your family. If the stones you have are made from material of this earth … then they are nothing more than an absolutely, remarkable / unbelievable piece of art. Just be thankful, and very happy as well … that you guys were fortunate enough to have found them / been drawn to them … And that you now, truly do, have the knowledge that very, very, few sheeple walking this planet possess.
        This next tidbit of a message is for the entire group of you fine, blessed, individuals on this thread: I literally, just now came across your guys (pow wow) … And I must say that it was very refreshing to read … And as well, I am truly happy that there are a handful of you on here. My opinion … everything most certainly does happen for a reason. So, that said, leads me to say this to you all: I myself, have hundreds of artifacts as well. The majority of which are from the eastern part of our country. Along with as well, many dozens from all over the GLOBE. Not to mention, I have just recently found what WAS an entire ancient city of stone.
        Everything, practically daily now has been leading me on a path. And just like this chat group everything as well has been shown to me … And it is all for a PURPOSE, that I can absolutely assure you of! FYI: My name is Justin as well (lol) “koinky dink,” IKR … I live in Upper East TN., 42 yrs., look 30, but feel 90. The ancient city I mentioned, has very, very, recently been discovered. And then shown to me. I fully believe that I was meant to throw this out to all you guys and gals. Therefore, I would like to extend an invitation to you all. To meet me at said ancient location, which is just over a 3 hr. drive due EAST from my hometown here in TN. The thing is, You have all seen remarkable things on the artifacts you possess, HOWEVER, there is SO MUCH MORE TO THEM than you could ever imagine. I am truly blessed, and very thankful as well, that I have been given all of said knowledge. Much more practically every day too. One year ago, almost to the day even … something extraordinary happened in my life, that positively changed every single aspect of it! Literally, every minute of every single day! Would love the opportunity to share it with all of you as well! All that are interested that is … All I offer; Is simply, nothing more than “OUR” truth. There’s no red pill / blue pill choice I promise lol. BUT, once known, there’s damn sure no going back.
        Without turning this book I have just typed out into a novel … Will try for now to keep this part short … SURELY; ALL of you, well above average, fine individuals, can see exactly what is happening to our WORLD in this day and time. Especially right here in our own great nation! I myself am so thankful that me and my whole entire family were born here! And all of you are as well too, I’m sure. Now, that said … WE are watching our great nation be torn apart, and literally demolished! (sure you are all picking up what I’m throwing down). So, I will leave it at that, for now, and say: That the knowledge I have, and can ABSOLUTELY PROVE to the ENTIRE world even … Can and WILL CHANGE “EVERYTHING” FOR THE BETTER! I felt compelled to offer … In hopes that there are possibly some of you, preferably all of you, that may like to join me. If that peaks your guys interest, and you feel in your heart, and soul, that you’d like to be part of what will change the world for the better … And help with what I have already set out to do … Then I gladly would love to meet / talk with you, and share the knowledge that has been given to me. And as well, share the true knowledge of YOUR ARTIFACTS. Again, the artifacts are SO MUCH MORE THAN “ANYONE” CAN IMAGINE … DAMN SURE NOT what the human race was told!
        I am not spinning some conspiracy, or any b.s. whatsoever … I am going to PROVE everything! I am certain, that is exactly what I am meant to do. And be it, I was lead to stumble upon this group. I knew I needed to offer, to you very few like-minded individuals, whom has seen a glimpse.
        I am old school there’s no doubt! This is the first time I have ever even typed a word on a thread … By no means am I wanting / trying to be secretive … But, It is absolutely necessary … that I can assure you.
        Will keep an eye out on this group in hopes that there are some, or all of you even, that would like to make a difference, and put your stones to use. And LITERALLY change the world! Would like to thank you for reading my LONG message. Wish you all nothing but great health, and prosperity!
        As they say: “Keep your powder dry” and God Bless!
        J.B. in East TN.
        p.s. You absolutely should not part with those little stones you have found …

        1. I too have this gift and would love to talk and help others. It is a beautiful gift. I am working on traveling and making people aware of the visions on the stones, I have learned how to show people how to see them and how to identify them. I would love to share this with you as well and others, it is a beautiful gift.

          1. Hello Michelle,
            I would be interested in talking with you about how to teach others. I took some of my rocks to a pow-wow in Howard County MD in 2019, where I naively just expected people to see what I could see. One gemstone vendor did say that “yep, those are the real thing,” but that was all. This summer at the pow-wow I asked people if they wanted to learn to read the rocks. Those who said yes, I showed a few shapes and invited them to look for themselves. Much better! It is a beautiful gift that has changed my life and I want to help others see.

        2. You are right on, JB. They hide everything from everybody. Just to throw it out there, why do you think they had so many nut houses and crazy institutions whenever someone would find stuff, they would say they were nuts or someone who knew something about the future or spoke with aliens or anything they locked them up so they could not scare the public. The cabal does not want the people to get side tracked, they keep them on a guided route to nowhere. 90% of everything we were taught since birth was all lies, 180 everything. Besides all that jive JB. I live in Michigan and have been collecting for about 14 years, my kids think I belong in one of those institutions, my foundation is ready to drop in crawl space. Take care star seed.

        3. I have been freaking out the last few days. It all started when I walked by my kitchen window sill which has many bird figurines, plants and rocks on it. About 2 weeks ago I stopped in my tracks and said, wow that rock is a bird … I looked at another rock and said, wow, that rock is a bird too. I started looking at all my different rocks in my house and they were all carved and painted. ALL OF THEM! How could I have never noticed this before? I started washing them and noticed on one rock, the soap suds allowed me to see words:
          I will pay
          A heart
          A pine branch
          A bear claw
          Then dates.
          I saw the number 83
          I saw the number 104
          Ages when they died?

          Then I went outside where I had dumped at least three 5 gallon buckets of rocks, I sifted from the ground this past summer landscaping my yard and grabbed 6 rocks. I said if any of these are animals or faces or words I am going to have a stroke. 4 were animals and 2 were faces, numbers and symbols. I went back and got more, all of them had a story right there on them. I couldn’t sleep that night. The next day, I took a look at my rock sidewalk I have attempted to lay and each and every rock, every last one of them is an effigy. I pulled them all up and threw them on higher ground as fast as I could because I have figured out that sitting in water damages them. I ran around my yard and randomly picked up rocks and each one, from the tiniest to the size of a paver is carved or painted. I found more and more with words and numbers. That’s when it hit me: these rocks are grave markers.
          There is a portion of my property very close to my house that is rocky and grass has never grown well there. I’ve been trimming the trees and pulling vines and nurturing the native grass that came up voluntarily and it is now my favorite spot. The area has a sacred, cool, calming feeling. I can’t tell you how many times this past summer exhausted from working in the south Carolina heat I have sat on the ground under those trees and felt a calmness. But, I had often wondered why there were so many rocks in there and none like that anywhere else. I assumed it was from rain washing the hill side away. The rocks are not unusual, just ugly rectangular, square or jagged angular edges. It never occurred to me they were man made.
          I went and gathered up as many as I could lift and came back in the house and set in to washing them and tilting them to see the images and just as I suspected, these all had words, letters, symbols, etc.
          They most definitely are grave markers. That hill side is a cemetery.

          Then the most incredible thing happened, I saw the chief. I saw him as a bear several times. I saw him young and very handsome staring into my eyes so lifelike. Then I saw him in all his glory in full head dress riding on a donkey I think. I saw him smiling. I saw him angry. One whole side of this big rock is a portrait of him and it changes as you tilt the rock and turn it. Then on the other side I saw him as an old man and then turned it and saw blood running down from his head to the ground. Then the rock suddenly showed me so much I can’t recount it all. Wolves, owls, birds, lizards, demons, a white man, big cats, dogs, lots of other birds, lots of bears, his wife, his children, many many many faces, all carved on this one rock. I began to cry. I looked at my Indian painting on the wall and cried for how we transgressed such a noble people. Then I felt fear.

          I should stop writing now. I’ve gotten carried away. I have spent over a week hiking my property and 2 of my neighbors’ adjoining property and we are all 3 sitting on an Indian burial ground. I literally have thousands and thousands of these rocks, maybe millions. Some I’ve been able to photograph but you cannot see the images and read the stories without holding them and turning them. Water does help and sometimes I go back and can’t find what I just saw.
          I am intrigued and exhausted from staying up late and getting up early to try and save these masterpieces. I am obsessing. Why have I been granted this knowledge – why do my neighbors not know? How do I accept the fact that I can see Indian graves out every window of my house and every step I take is atop of a human being.
          I am almost scared and I’m not a very superstitious person. Things have sort of started to make sense but I’m actually still just as confused. Since my daughter Jessica passed away 7 years ago, I have what I call my bird stories. I have told them and retold them and people think I’m mourning and say aww that’s sweet. But they are more than just sweet. Explain how it is that I’ve filled my house up with birds and the native Americans always had bird effigies laid on their graves. Explain to me why I brought a very nice charcoal picture framed with arrowheads for this house 18 years ago. Why have I collected skulls and bones and placed them on the outside corners of my log home along with countless rocks? Why do I have a feather collection I have picked up, and a piece of pottery in my bathroom? Why do I have a coyote skin on my wall? Why do I wear all stone jewelry now? Why have I been attempting to kill all introduced grass, plants, shrubs and trees and replace them with native species this past year? Why do I drag home interesting pieces of wood from the woods? Why will I not sell my timber? Why do I feel at peace hiking to the back side of my land and staying for a couple of hours when everybody tells me how dangerous it is? The list goes on and on and on. I have became a weird recluse.
          Something is happening to me and I don’t know what to call it or how to talk about it. Everybody thinks I’ve gone crazy. I’m sorry this is so long. I left out a whole, whole lot. I had to tell somebody. Thanks, Bev

      2. Hi, not sure if you get this message, I live in northern California, along the Russian River, Sonoma County, I know what you’re talking about, and found that the Pomo Indians took rocks seriously, good rocks and some with bad spirits … anyway, I have found many carved rocks too, if you’d like to talk, I would totally be up for that.

    2. I am crazy as well, I have had my collection for a while, but I just recently started using a magnifying glass and doing exactly what you said, and these people were talented! Each rock has so many faces and animals, the details shows a story of love, anger, fear, and happiness.

  10. I have hundreds of them, some very detailed and some with two dots and a straight line for the mouth. There are several that have a detailed face on each side. I’m not crazy, they are there, and I’m so intrigued by each and every one and all of the expressions they created.

  11. Oh my gosh I am SO HAPPY I came across this – I am from south Georgia, and I just moved into a new house and in the backyard there were some weird looking rocks so I started digging around. (It’s been months since then, and I have unearthed literally 1000s of rocks. It’s still going!) I have shown them to several friends and every response- including my husband’s- has been that I am “crazy.” I’ve been so discouraged that I’ve given up. I’m to the point that maybe I am crazy. Every post on here could have been written by me! I would like to send some pictures and get some feedback!

      1. We always are receptive to receiving and sharing pictures and stories about rock art finds – Yolanda, sometimes people post comments about their finds but never send us any pictures.

  12. Hello everyone, I’m Aimee, 42. I live in Penryn, California. I’ve been here about 2 years and just started realizing what awesomeness is here on my own land. I’ve spent hours and hours many days just staring at these beautiful pieces of art. My family also makes their little jokes, oh mommy is playing with her rocks again. Well, yes, after many attempts to get everyone as excited as I am about who made them and what they are, I’ve finally accepted that it’s not gonna happen. I love them and I appreciate what little I do know and have studied about them. I’ll send you some pics. Thank you for making me feel a little more normal. Hehe.

    1. You are not alone, Aimee, I promise, lol. I would love to take a look at some of the rocks you have found and I’ll send you some that I’ve found here in north Georgia, thanks …

      1. Hey Jason, I’m from west GA (BOWDON) to be exact. I have thousands of figure stones, effigies, and ceremonial stones I have found. I can take you to places where most any rock you pick up is a beautiful piece of art and other places where the material is just not good to make the rocks made in other places. Sadly, at this time, no one will give us the time of day as to how all these rocks came to be. My theory is that it poses more questions than archeologists/geologists have answers for.

      2. Same … I live 10 minutes west of Stallings Island and 10 minutes south of Heggies Rock … I have several … artifact groups always say it’s a rock … it’s not.

    2. 42 from Iowa, I could have written this, you’re not alone. I have some that make me cry like a baby. We will find what we are looking for, the rocks did, so will we, bless you friend.

  13. Hi, my name is Hollywood and I am right there with you all! My family and friends think I need psychological help! I can’t walk to my car without stumbling upon at least one or eight different pieces that blow my mind with extreme interest! My father and I used to go on dates when I was a little girl to find rocks and wood for his fish tank and I have been collecting ever since. I fell off for many years due to becoming a mother and wife, but as the years went by and I developed more free time, I started “arrowhead” hunting; only to realize the world was filled with so much more! I believe that if you open your mind to what could be, then you can see the truth, which simply is that these are not just some regular rocks! Don’t let people get you down and continue on in what your heart believes; for this is how we discover new beginnings … We weren’t all created the same for a reason! Be you! I would be more than happy to send you guys pictures of many of my findings!

  14. I’m Jared from East Central Indiana, new to this, I have been laughed at when I know for a fact I’ve looked at him with magnifying glasses, they are worked, why the laughter and why no info?

    1. Hello Jared, and other readers – we are trying to find info on these pieces that viewers submit to us – we hope by sharing them online, some experts in the field will step forward and help us with more information.

  15. Hello my name is Andrew. I live in the Southern Piedmont of Virginia and I was out in the fields near where I lived looking for spearheads and dart points. Commonly called ArrowHeads but when Indians were in the area at their time, the bow and arrow hadn’t come into existence yet. There’s a little fact for you all. Anyways, during my findings I came across a White Rock which sort of looks like quartz but I’m not quite sure. After getting back home and looking at what I found, I came across something beautiful. That White Rock had something in the lower right corner. As I cleaned it off it revealed a perfect little heart carved into it. It’s definitely a heart. I’d like to send a picture eventually but I would like to know more info about it and see what its history is before I go posting it all over the web. By now I live found probably hundreds of spearheads and dart points, I’ve even come across beautiful crystal rocks which I would like to know the name of one day also, lol, but for now I want to know about this heart in this rock.

  16. I’m Garth and I’m glad I’m not alone. I have also been a rock hound as long as I can remember. I am always looking down for something special. Last year there came a flood here in Tennessee that scoured all the creeks to the bedrock and all that was left behind was by the natives from thousands of years. Well I’m a mail carrier so I’m driving by and driving through a lot of these creeks everyday. I finally stopped one day and could not believe what I was finding. So many stone tools and effigies. I was so excited I started showing friends and family and just got stares like I am nuts. I have since found “amazing” rock art I would love to share with someone.

    1. Hi Garth,
      Thanks for your comments and story – feel free to send us some pictures, we’d like to share them with our audience!

  17. Hi everyone, I live in Southeastern Ga. I am loaded down with so many of these beautiful pieces. My home sits on a creek line but has long been dried up and forgotten. I have searched for a site that sees what I see and can MAYBE help to identify the Band or Tribe (s) that crossed through here. I have reason to believe there may have been a tribe settlement on my land. I find stick figures and other small figures that point to the Celebration of Corn. I will definitely bookmark this site and add to favorites! I’m really excited and relieved at the same time! Also I am originally from Virginia and a descendant from the Mattaponi Indian Tribe but not officially documented … Soon though I pray! I will submit some pics and dig into my collection for more. Thank you.

  18. I have been a rock hound all my life. I recently came across many with faces and animals. Some of them seem to have a scene depicting a man and animal, perhaps hunting. I thought I was crazy, but thank you for all of your posts. I sure would like to know more. I’m in Texas.

  19. I have read these posts and I am glad I came across them. I started out taking an Anthropology Field School from Indiana State University in 1973. From that moment on, I have been interested in finding out about cultures of the past. I live in a wooded area in Indiana, near the Wabash River. I have found all kinds of rocks and of course, I pick them up. I am reading as much as I can to find out when these items were made and why. I love it and of course, when I die, these rocks will be incorporated back into the land, because most people think what I do is “Quirky”!!

  20. Facebook-“The Other Artifacts” and “Before Time Rock Artifacts”

    YouTube-“Paleo Mountain Man,” “Artifacts from the River,” “Ancient Ohio Artifact Hunter,” and “Kentucky’s Forgotten History”

    Funkhauser and Webb of The University of Kentucky

    The Book of Mormon

  21. I just stumbled across the Iroquois False Face legend. I believe it explains the rock I have found that seems to have a twisted or smashed part of a human face. Also found quite a few similar looking faces when googling “native american face effigy.”

    1. I find a lot of faces. I also find many stones that are made up of different animals (mostly reptilian and dinosaur). I find A LOT of stones which, when I clean and brush them, have the same shaman native on it.

      1. I live on land that was once a Rock Quarry according to my Father In Law, and I believe there were definitely Paleo Indians. I too have found Reptilians carved, etched, oh wait, a lot of them are more like they were laser inscribed. I have a feeling, that what we are all finding, are Rocks from the past that either were created this way somehow or almost all were once a different material and now they are what we are finding. My brother told me I was either mentally ill or on drugs. So I stopped telling anyone about them and I have a feeling I know what’s going on, but for some reason, no one wants to believe me. I am so glad to see that others are having near similar experiences. I found an approx. 50 lb rock that is kind of like a cracked egg or something. I think we are on to something and think that there was a civilization here on earth that figured out space travel and left before a cataclysmic event wiped them out.

  22. I literally thought I was going crazy. It almost seems like they’re talking to me. Like a story trying to be told. I live near Greenville, Ohio, if that tells you anything.

  23. The Bodies of the dead were folded: legs behind with back of knees over shoulders and crossed in front of chest, the skull was pushed down in front of sternum and hands were crossed over legs. ( Skull and crossbones) I have seen footage of African tribes cremating dead in a pit this way, rib cage and encased in a mortar in such a way that when put in a fire for cremation then left to become petrified\opalized, and after hundreds of thousands of years, the minerals pass through in such a way that when the fossil is broken, it breaks in a manner that it fractures in the shape of a prehistoric tool that has a rough shape of person, an arrow head or a rock face, like the pyramids when those blocks fuse together over millions of years and then crumble apart they should form a portrait/statue of the person inside. I think the reason only one eye is because it is abstract and not perfect with the minerals exchanging, one eye moves to the back of the skull and back of skull replaces the eye. If you break the item, it should break into 212 different sized identical flipped image mirror image with the rough shape of an arrowhead or hand tool, or people just look at a dirt clod, and if you see a face, go to sleep.

  24. I was just digging up rocks for a flower bed and stumbled on 100s of arrowheads within 5 feet and then came the rocks with faces, some happy most angry or even demonic. I thought it was something bad. I’m in southwest Missouri and I feel so much better knowing others have seen the faces and animals. I guess I’ll keep digging!

  25. Hello, I’m new to the site but I have around 500-700 pieces that feature a face, whether it be animal or man. Some of these pieces are in perfect condition and very detailed creations … I have one in particular of either a bigfoot type creature or something of that nature … he is shown like growling with a mouth full of sharp teeth and a very mean looking face … that is just one of many that captivates my mind.

  26. Wow, I was beginning to give it up. I’ve found over 1,800 pounds of these same rocks! Probably over 5,000 pieces. ALL from one 40 acre plot. My teenage daughter is so sick of rocks and Native American artifacts and the talk that she’ll only come over now when I promise not to bring it up. Though she finally did come around and is now a believer (only after I stopped by a Gem Shop with her as she pouted and hid in the car telling me as I got out “You are going to be so embarrassed!”). Well, she started to change her mind when the gem shop owner literally flipped about the items I had brought to show him and he even offered to buy my entire lot for $200 … that wasn’t happening. But for my daughter it was real money offered and if the guy who sells rocks for a living was a believer, there might be something to all this. So she now will sometimes help clean and look for different faces, but for the most part will not accompany me into the field, she just doesn’t care enough about the subject I guess. I’ve some UNBELIEVABLE finds! Plenty of the regular rigamarole native artifacts, but I’m so into these rocks now that that’s the main thing I’m looking for.

    My cousin brought her dog out and the dog just went absolutely insane digging at one spot where we were looking. So we both knew we had to dig there. And thought we had only found this really weird type of dirt. Very VERY soft and brittle in clumps coming out of the ground and when any amount of pressure was put on it, completely crumbles into dirt finer than dust. I had some piece in my shirt pocket that disintegrated and when my pocket moved a bit and even sometimes puffed out of the pocket almost like smoke. Turns out I did get some home though and when they hardened (coming out of the wet clay ground it was still slightly damp but hardens after a night in the air) it’s undoubtedly bone. Her dog had been eating some of it too, lol!

    I’m aware of what that means and the new laws and such but I’m not an expert so I’m just assuming it’s animal. I’ve also found a weird rock that’s been layered sort of like a birthday cake and what’s holding it together between the layers is like some sort of cement like substance but absolutely definitely not modern cement. This stuff is rusty and it smells like oil slightly. As in crude oil. It’s definitely part of the site. That’s clear because of how it’s shaped with pointy teeth to look like a scary or viscous animal but then on the top of it was a completely different kind of rock, shaped like a human head in profile, again glued or cemented to the top of it.??? It literally hurts to even try and think about what’s going on there and the reasoning behind it. There’s so much more involved with it to be honest, I’m just tired of typing about it. I’ve done so much recently and received nothing but negative replies. Strangely though, I’ve never sent one picture of it. Only described it and not one reply has ever asked to see a pic … that’s academia today I guess, it’s a paycheck and nothing else! Oh sorry, except politics. They’ll absolutely discuss/lecture their politics with anyone, at any time regardless of whether the other person is interested or not.

    I too have also found wood. Completely COVERED with mold. (Is the mold why the bacteria isn’t allowed to break the piece down after being in the ground??) but it’s undoubtedly, unquestionably worked to look like an Indian head in profile. Let me say that again, IT’S WOOD!

    I don’t get it. That’s like the first thing to break down in the ground, right? But again it’s covered with mold? I would like to have it carbon dated (that way I could tell one way or another if this is some sort of extremely elaborate hoax or if this is in fact, real. The replies never mentioned it once!)

    Obviously they think I’m either nuts, making it up or just completely trying to pass off a fake site. But the logic doesn’t work that way. Like I want to spend a couple thousand dollars to get a date on a piece of wood if I knew I had made it myself in the recent (or even 25 years ago) past? I mean why would anyone do that? Pay a large amount of money only to be proven a liar?? Did I mention that? That I want to pay for it. All of it, out of my own pocket? I don’t know what your reasoning tells you but if I were a scholar, may tell me that either this person likes to spend money to be embarrassed or that person wholeheartedly believes or is at least very curious to learn about what said object is in which case it wasn’t found under suspicious circumstances. Or at least the finder didn’t believe them to be.

    Snakes! Those are fairly common on mine after people and dogs. And some have snakes eating snakes! And a few have TONS of snakes eating other snakes! Anyone else? And has anyone else looked at the smaller detail on a few of the rocks?? If not do it now! I have a feeling you’ll be blown away!

    1. Hey James … yes I’ve seen what you’re talking about. I have numerous pieces that depict snakes, and snakes eating snakes too.

      The wood you found?

      No. I’ve not seen that. But nothing about these stones startle or shock me anymore after what I’ve seen depicted on them. Or seen them do … lol.

      There’s absolutely much more to these things than what most people are thinking that there is.

      And I too have seen a little bit of everything depicted on them in both larger form … and “fine print” too.

      Pretty amazing stuff.

    2. Hey Brian, thank you for taking the time and courage to share. Not one person I know believes what I’m seeing. So I keep it to myself. Unless I’ve come across something very special. Even then not much enthusiasm. I have a small piece I’ve been cleaning for 2 and a half years. Manual cleaning with makeup brushes and Q-tips. Whatever it’s coated with keeps recoating itself after cleaning. The engraving on it is spectacular, I’ve seen small parts of it clean. The engraving on it is as skilled as high quality jade cravings from early China. Details beyond belief. So small the engravings, how could this be done? I’m hoping that piece once clean will vindicate me. I did want to say to those folks out there, look at the wood. It is every where. I know wood decays, can’t explain it but it’s everywhere, and some of it, like the rocks, are amazing. Most folks do not believe the native people could do this. They were masters in light and refractablity. Thanks again.

  27. Thanks y’all for commenting on this subject. I live in southeast Kansas, and have … well, we won’t talk about how many rocks I have in my collection! All I can say about it is that it truly is a sickness …

    I accidentally discovered the same features in some artifacts that I find. But others not at all.

    I can always tell you which pieces around here are gonna have the holographic photo stored within it by the type of stone the artifact is made of, and the designs carved, drawn, or etched on or in it.

    Try taking a picture of your artifacts with your digital camera, and the entire rock turns into a holographic 3d picture.

    And you’ll sometimes see art features in the photo that you will not see on the rock with your eyes no matter what lighting you use, or angle you present it at.

    For even more dramatic effect … wet the piece down under the kitchen faucet … and take your picture then. The holographic picture will really pop, and other stuff sometimes happens as well.

    Like colors showing up instantly that were not visible before when the piece was dry.

    Once again … not every example does this … but most do.

    “They” were absolute masters in the use of shading to reveal hidden pictures that were built into the rock itself.

    I used italics on the word they because it’s quite obvious that we don’t have a clue regarding who or when these amazing artifacts were actually made.

    Lots and lots of centuries previous the scientific community’s currently accepted timeline of 14,000 years ago when the Paleo Indians supposedly crossed the Bering land bridge after the last ice age to get here from Europe.

    I’d bet large on that.


    I’m no papered archeologist or otherwise “expert” within the field.


    You don’t have to be an expert to come to come to the conclusion that whoever our artist was that rendered his alterations onto the rock?

    He recorded onto that rock whatever animals or whatever else it was that he had been seeing throughout the course of his everyday routine.

    It’s actually quite difficult to pick up one of these spirit stones without there being an image of a Mastodon or Woolly mammoth, sabre tooth cat, or cave bear on it … even if you don’t spot it on there immediately.

    And no! Certainly not!

    I by no means think that you’re crazy for merely pointing out the hidden truth about some of features these artifacts are sporting on them that the vast majority of people fail to notice about them even when they look right at them.

    Now then. With that being said … lol.

    I certainly do know what you mean tho.

    People who know nothing about these “rocks ” other than it’s simply a funky colored rock … they sure would most likely think you’re Loco were you to go pointing out stuff such as that to them.

    Especially when even after you do point it out to them…they still don’t see it.

    And if they say they do see it?

    They’re most likely lying so they can just agree, and then quickly make tracks in the opposite direction away from crazy man.

    But those are things about these stones that are actually quite common, and can be easily pointed out in order to prove your case were you to get called out on it.

    And you did manage to secure testimony from several others in this thread to admit they’ve seen the features too.

    There’s more about these things however that I haven’t seen anybody mention anywhere I’ve ever been involved in a conversation that I’ve been involved in.

    These rocks are definitely funky … but I’ve witnessed first hand when they went far beyond “funky” and right on up in into “sketchy” and then proceeded to blow right past that and on up into “shady.”

    I normally don’t speak online about where I’m fixing to go with this.

    First I’m gonna go ahead and post this thread, and then start a new one … because most likely it too will be the length of a small novel just like this one is.

    I’ll be right back …

    1. Hello Brian, I would really like to speak with you … And I am sure that you would most definitely want to speak with me as well. That being said … You know what I am referring to … Will keep an eye out on a response back. Hope to speak soon.

  28. It’s wonderful to find and read all these comments!! We are not “crazy.” We can just see it. It’s EVERYwhere. It’s mind-blowing, fascinating, overwhelming, so very moving, and even unnerving at times! It makes me so happy and eager to get up and go outside each day. There’s endless mystery to explore on this glorious planet we have the honor of inhabiting. I love it so much and am so filled with gratitude for it – and for all of you, my fellow seers! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy! Rock ON!!!!!

  29. I’m so happy that I stumbled upon this site. My story is so strange that even I was starting to think maybe I am crazy and have almost driven myself there everytime I try to show friends and family members what I clearly and easily see on the rock artifacts I find everywhere now. I’ve lived in the same town and same 5 acres of property all but 12 years of my life. In 1990, a man digging out a pond here found a paleolithic ax with full groove but that is only thing that predates my first find approximately 1 year ago. My younger brother whom I was very close to was killed on a motorcycle and for weeks afterwards, I would find coins all over my yard, one a day which I allowed myself to believe were signs from my bro. A month or so later I was researching my genealogy and was able to trace one line back to year 313, stumbling upon Cleopatra, Vikings, family in Navoo at time of Joseph Smith, and many others. I also learned about Cahokia Mounds, the ice age and Berring land bridge which peaked my interest about how long humans have really been on earth and if it correlated to the bible. I believe but never went to church or part of a denomination and I know thru my DNA that I have no native American blood, just European on both sides. Anyways, one day I found a quarter and although alone, I mouthed out loud to my brother to please stop leaving me coins and start leaving me arrowheads, jokingly.
    Because I had recently started looking for artifacts, remembering pond find years ago and thinking surely I could find an arrowhead or something but after a couple weeks I’d found nothing. The next day I picked up a perfect bird stone just outside my front door and ever since, I haven’t picked up a rock here or anywhere that hasn’t been touched and carved on by natives millennia ago. I go to the post office, grocery store, bar, friends and relatives houses in other towns and find them. Everyone but my 5 year old grandson thinks I’m nuts. But he sees what I do. Everyone else says my rocks are like seeing shapes in clouds and do not see anything. Most of mine are birds or falcons but did find a rams head carved in bone in a rock bed at the P.O. I recently had white rock delivered to build up my drive. Every single rock has something on it. Then I noticed a bird carved into one of my trees then feathers and other shapes. I also found ancient concrete, asphalt sculptures buried in backyard while digging for place posts as well as wooden sticks depicting carved birds like James. Investigating the LDS beginnings since learning so many of my ancestors belonged has really shocked me to learn that much of their Book of Mormon is about Jesus in the Americas and ancient native American people. I’ve been searching for a meaning for all of this but really what’s most interesting to me now is that we all have similar experiences and wonder why we are only ones who can see the art on stones. I’d love to share my now 5 huge boxes of art and growing daily and how can I see pics of yours?

  30. My name is David, and I’m 49 years old. My family bought 22 acres of wooded land, we had it cleared and my uncle lives to the left and my mother lives to the right, about half mile away. When we drilled for a well, we hit an artisan well, so water runs constantly. Behind my house I have a hot tub and a hill that’s wooded. I have lived here going on 20 years. The gravel road to the paved road is a dead end gravel road that’s more like a creek bed then a gravel road but only gets water when it rains. And I never noticed the rocks, no one ever mentioned them or were brought to my attention, like they were not there but almost 2 years ago I started seeing rocks like everyone is talking about. They’re everywhere, I would have a harder time not finding one than to find them. I walk over every day to check on my mom and find hands full of cool rocks with unbelievable craftsmanship. I try showing people and they don’t see anything, it’s so frustrating. I’m like it’s right there, how can’t you see it? There’s the eyes, the mouth, the ears. They look at me like I’m crazy and say I got one heck of an imagination.

    I’m a level-headed person but I started wondering to myself if I may be losing my mind? After all, I’m going on 50, lol. Anyway, the details, the chisel marks on them, like a 3D printer, I knew these were not just rocks, someone with a lot of skill and very good eyes made these. So I keep collecting them. I would pick them all I could find up on my way to check on mom and back, then it would rain and there was hundreds more. I would just grab them up and threw them in a bucket to look at later when I had time. I got to where I could tell which rocks to get and which ones to leave. Sitting in my office with a bucket of rocks, a magnifying glass, and light, looking carefully at them for hours. Found they have stories on them, some in color, some carved out, some painted on top of the carvings. I found they’re more vivid and alive with water, warm water I found the best. It brings out other pics, as it cools the pics change. I would sit there watching tv, rubbing on one and the guy is looking to the left, I look down at it and he’s looking up to the right with a face. I’m like, I know he was looking the other direction. So I rub, and nothing … thought oh well, maybe I was wrong, a little bit later look down he’s looking the other way again. Could not figure out what made him change. So I got online and found a post about the cave man had camp fire light or candle light that made them react. So lighting plays a big part. Then I found one, I was looking at and there was a face of a man in the rock and I mean a portrait picture to the point that I asked the guy in the rock, “who are you?” Like he could hear me.

    So I started to notice that there was 2 rows going to mom’s that was congested with them coming down the hill. So one day I followed the chippings (chips of different colored rocks all piled together) up the hill. I’m up in the woods and I see 3 piles under some trees covered with ped moth that did not fit in at all, so I pulled the moth back and there was big rocks, I pull one up and there were little rocks that came up with it, they all had neat markings on them, the pile they were in was soft unlike the rocky clay ground around it. As I was excited and started pulling some up I got a strange feeling that I should not be digging there like I was bothering someone. Just an uneasy feeling. So I left the pile of rocks I dug up on top of the pile and left. Next day I did the same at the other sweet spot and there was 4 piles and looked like maybe more but rain ran them together. I flipped a couple rocks over, same thing. Once again I let them be and headed home. I haven’t been up the hill since – I just collect the ones that are sent down the hill.

    I have thousands of them and they keep coming. And I can’t help but wonder why? Or how? I never noticed them before now because I can’t walk out the door and get in the car without picking up 1 or a few. I have 5 gallon buckets and plastic trash cans full that I still have to go through when I get time and I can’t wait because I know there is a lot of good ones in there.

    One last thing, if you got holes on your effigy’s, get you a jewelers eye with a light on it and look in the hole, there more than likely will have a owl at the top brim and dinosaurs or elk people, it will be like looking in the cave they lived in when they made them. It’s a whole other world in that little hole. Someone tell me please, how did they have the tech knowledge or the tools to carve in that little hole? And as for me, I don’t care what anybody thinks or says. I LOVE MY ROCKS!!!!!!!!

    1. I love them too, they want to be acknowledged, I’ve learned they used sound frequency and alchemy. Also they had a way of softening the stones to like butter so they could do the corners smooth, and so on because a lot of them don’t have many work marks or look like something you buy your kid at Walmart from the kids section, lol. I’m with you pal. History has yet to be written … facts.

  31. I too am finding carved stone sculptures of many different sizes at one location in Central Virginia. Variety of different stone including quartz and quartzite. They are all relatively depicting the same characters, often with ancient acknowledged symbols i.e. the one eye open, one eye closed, hand bag as seen at many ancient sites and ring of snakes. Most are figures with animal headdress. Always with skull above forehead and a cluster of faces to one or both sides. There are also depictions of the same 3 or 4 figures worked into each piece. I have been studying these almost obsessively for several months. One particular quartz piece has what appears to be a major overcut. Many have raised etchings and minutely small figures of fantastical precision. Overcuts, raised etchings, and extraordinary fine details are not possible if carved by hand. The precision alone on one figure would take years and there are thousands of these ranging from tic tac to 2 feet in size. Native populations did not have the means or technology available. Quartz is 8.5 out of 10 on hardness scale. I have recently became aware of the Younger Dryas Impact Theory which states a major impact event around 11,600 BC wiped out an advanced civilization. It states events survivors later reinhabited what we consider our ancient sites of today thus making them their own. There is compelling evidence to suggest this may have occurred. Geological evidence such as nano diamonds, out of place artifacts, impact craters of time frame, evidence of mass destruction at many ancient sites, mega fauna extinction within time frame, sudden end to Ice Age, global flood stories, Plato places Atlantis during this time. Did humanity start over after global catastrophe??

    1. I am sensing the same things, got similar rocks, but I have mostly small, except 2 over 12″ Maybe they were advanced enough to get into a Space Ship and Leave. I don’t think archeologist know what happened. I think we need to all get together and have some of this stuff tested … Its almost like the government knows, but don’t want nobody realizing it…

  32. This is amazing, I also have several of these. I thought I was the only one. I have many large ones. I have been photographing the images. Let me tell you, they are really hard to photograph, but I have some great pictures. Also, all of mine came from the same place, at this location there are stone walls, and I believe an entire manden Indian settlement, and Viking graves. The stones I have are stunning. The images are shocking. I believe some have paint on them as well. Like I said, they are large stones, a little bigger than hand sized. I figured out that the stone must be at a 33 degree angle from the light source, the biggest factors are angle, light, and also distance, distance from the light and distance from which it is viewed. All the ones I have depict soldiers wearing helmets and are zoomorphic, 360 degrees around the stone. I found mine in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I do believe they are prehistoric from the paleo Indians.

  33. Thank goodness so many are saying exactly what I’m seeing! I’m so tired of hearing the “just rocks” thing too! I had 100s on the back patio and depending on the time of day, middle of night, moon shine, rain, snow, or ice, I would see the exact same rock look like different animals constantly! Especially after the big ice storm we had. It was the most amazing paradigm shift. A complete eye opener for so many things in life. Just when I think I “know” something I now try to remember that anything I “know” for certain could change in an instant simply based on the way I’m seeing it. I’m questioning everything I think I “know” now! Thank you so much for these posts!!!

  34. Mississippi here. Same story. Everyone thinks I’m insane but not well. Anyone know why not all people see what we are seeing? It’s so clear to me and my boyfriend also … but others see just rocks. Is being spiritually awake making minds open to see this, while others are still blind? This is so weird.

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