5 thoughts on “A viewer-submitted example of a pictograph

  1. I believe it is a young boy with a bear nipping at his heels while he was fishing, as he runs from the bear he drops his fish to distract the bear. There should be other clues to the story, like the total shape of the rock, possible carved bear head on one side. Study the rock in a dim lighted room, and turn it in different positions. See if it sits flat on any surface, and study that view. Good luck.

  2. I recently lost my 1st cousin and he is one of a kind, he loved going out into the fields and looking for arrow heads and things of that nature. Well, I have a rectangular rock that he found and it absolutely blows my mind every time I pick up that heavy rock and look at it, it is amazing what the Indians have carved on this rock!!! I am truly blessed to have been gifted this piece of unique Indian history!!!

    (editor’s note: Tad has sent us some pictures and we will share them soon)

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