Found portraits, one accidental, one abstract

I was out walking around doing a “photo stroll” and found two unexpected portraits, one which I believe is accidental, and one somewhat more-abstract. The image below left was seen on part of a concrete arch on a bridge in town, and the image of a “profile” seems to be accidental, with a large gray stone positioned nicely as an eye and a big head of “hair” and a shoulder made conveniently by a growth of moss. Do you see it too?

The portrait below right appears to be a stencil done with spray paint, but do you see the same “man” that I do here? I see an old man with a blue hat, a white mustache and beard, and wearing a yellow rain coat … or am I nuts? This was found on the top of a low stone wall also in my hometown of Glen Ridge, NJ.

one profile portrait and one old sailor stencil art

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