Art Basel Miami Beach, Dispatch #3: Beach photos and famous paintings

My wife has been in Miami this past week for Art Basel Miami Beach, and in addition to sending pictures from the art fair, she’s been sending pictures of the Atlantic Ocean from her morning walks. She sent one the other day (pictured below right), which reminded me of a Gustave Courbet painting, and when I looked to see if my hunch was correct, I found the Courbet painting “Calm Sea,” from 1866, pictured below left. I’m sure my wife wasn’t thinking of Courbet when she took the picture, but it’s a pretty good match, wouldn’t you say? Scroll down for more …

Gustave Courbet painting next to a photo of Miami Beach

Today she sent a couple more beach pictures, and the thing that caught my attention after a brief look was that they all had a solitary figure. Check out a pair of her images below, interspersed with a pair of solitary-person-on-a-beach paintings by well-known artists.

man and seagulls at Miami Beach at sunrise
Man and seagulls at sunrise, photograph at Miami Beach this morning.

The Monk by the Sea, by Caspar David Friedrich
“The Monk by the Sea,” 1808, by Caspar David Friedrich

man running on beach at sunrise on Miami BeachMan running on beach at sunrise, photograph at Miami Beach this morning

The Beach at Palavas by Gustave Courbet“The Beach at Palavas,” 1854, bu Gustave Courbet

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