Art Basel Miami Beach, Dispatch #2: The Friendly Meteorite

My wife is in Miami for the Art Basel art fair this week, and she’s sending me some pictures of things that catch her eye as she works (and walks around) the fair. This one certainly holds my attention: from one side, it looks like a meteorite has crushed a car, but when one walks around to the other side, it looks like a somewhat sheepish yet friendly meteorite …!

This piece is titled “Still Life with Xitle and Spirit,” and it is the creation of artist Jimmie Durham, who is showing this piece at Peter Freeman Gallery’s booth. I’m trying to find something out about this specific piece online, and am not coming up with much, but did find this interesting quote from the artist: “I like interruptions, of any kind, especially from my own life, because we have such a tendency β€” something stronger than a tendency, actually – to do the same things all the time … it is so strange that I do the same thing over and over, that I take the same route to the grocery store or when I walk home β€” it’s intolerable. I want interruptions, I want things to be different all the time.” Well, with that quote in mind, I’d say this piece suggests a pretty mighty interruption for the hypothetical owners of this car, because they won’t be driving it any time soon! As to why the meteorite has a face, that’s still a mystery to me. I’m not familiar with Durham’s work, so I’m curious to learn more.

Meteorite crushing a car by Jimmie Durham

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