Painting in Painter, VA

A couple years ago we were driving home to NJ after a family vacation in VA Beach, and passed through the small town of Painter, VA, along Route 13 North. We pulled over for a roadside food stand near the Post Office, and as I got out of the car to take a look around, I noticed a number of paintings on a corrugated metal wall that surrounded the Post Office parking lot. This first one, below, caught my attention – I liked the naive almost Basquiat-like style of the animal, but what is it? A cow, or a dog? And the white stuff coming out of its mouth … is it barfing?

Scroll down and check out another painting from this mural: we’ve got an elephant with tusks who is sticking his trunk up into the nostril of a dragon’s nose. What’s that all about? It makes me curious to see some more paintings in Painter, VA … they’ve got something funky going on down there!

graffiti mural done in a Basquiat style

an elephant and a dragon painting on a mural in Painter, VA

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