The Patron Saint of the Arts appears to be taking a nap

I saw this painting of St. Luke, “Patron des Artistes et Ouvriers de Art (“patron of artists and art workers”) at the L’├ęglise Notre-Dame-du-Travail-de-Plaisance (The Church of Our Lady of Labor de Plaisance) in Paris, which is also known as “The Industrial Church.” If you’d like to know why it’s called The Industrial Church, check out our visit to this church via The Arts Adventurer.

Taking a closer look, it appears that St. Luke must be tired from a full day in the art studio. With his head tilted forward and his chin resting on his chest, I’d say it looks like he’s taking a nap. I guess being involved with “art workers” all day can be a tiring task, or so the artist, Giuseppe Uberti, must have thought so. Uberti has several paintings in this church, but I can’t find out anything about him in my Google searches so far … any art historians out there familiar with this artist?

painting by Guiseppe Uberti at the industrial church in Paris

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