Sedgwick Avenue, The Bronx

You may have seen my post yesterday about the artist Jon Rafman who has been utilizing Google Street View to find accidental and interesting scenes on the streets, as captured by Google’s camera car. I decided yesterday to do some of my own “walking the streets” via Google, and had fun looking around, so I decided to explore some more today.

I can’t always explain how my random thoughts are generated, but I decided today to “explore” the Bronx some more, and did a search to see where exactly the rap pioneer Kool Herc used to live, and found out it was on Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx. So off to Kool Herc’s old neighborhood I went, and I happened upon this scene near the underpass of the Washington Bridge, where it crosses over the Harlem River from the Bronx to Harlem. The angle of the bridge support and the way the scene was cropped makes it seem like this architectural structure has come crashing into this streetscape.

I guess my initial interest in exploring the Bronx also comes from the fact that in 20+ years on the East Coast, I think I’ve only been to the Bronx twice – to the Bronx Zoo and Yankee Stadium. Considering my interest in street art and graffiti, I would guess there’s probably a lot of other good things to see there too … if you have any suggestions on where I should explore in person, let me know.

view of the underpass of Washington Bridge from Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx

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