Active Driveway, Bryant Avenue, The Bronx

I saw an article online today about an artist named Jon Rafman, who has a project called “9 Eyes,” in which he spends hours sifting step-by-step through Google’s Street View function to find surprising, resonant, or simply beautiful stills that have accidentally been captured by the Google car’s 9-lens, 360-degree camera.

Seeing some of his pictures, I thought it seemed like an interesting project to try for myself (or perhaps, in my case today, a good time-waster or way to procrastinate). I was exploring Bryant Avenue in the Bronx, and happened upon this somewhat mysterious image, in which two men are running long extension cords into a metal fence-covered lot. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but the guy in the dark shirt looking at the camera doesn’t appear too happy about being photographed.

Whether there’s any artistic merits to this image, it’s hard to say … I guess it depends on how much you like street photography. I’ll see if I can come up with anything else interesting, and post if I do.

Bryant Avenue, The Bronx, street photography

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