Halloween in the Suburbs

I know Halloween was 3 days ago, and you’re all probably ready to move on to the next holiday. But when I posted about Halloween in the City the other day, I promised a follow-up about Halloween in the Suburbs, so here it is.

There’s always plenty of Halloween decorations in local yards here in Glen Ridge, NJ, but this year found some good ones, and then a really good one. One of the more-unusual ones was the yard with the duo below left, protecting the bloody white shirt from being picked up by the dry cleaners. The skeleton in his beach chair looks pretty relaxed, but the alien coming out of the iron pot filled with witches’ brew looks a little ticked off.

And then below right, we’ve got what looks like Andy Warhol (or rather his skeleton) overseeing entrance to the front yard of this particular house. But scroll down for more on this one, because there’s a lot more here than what you’re seeing at first glance.

Halloween decorations in the front yard featuring a skeleton dressed up like Andy Warhol and his fright wig

Now that we have stepped back and can get a wider view, you can see that this suburban home is reimagining itself as a former NYC nightlife hotspot, Studio 54, with Andy Skeleton Warhol sitting as the doorman ready to check the guestlist, surrounded by oversized martini glasses and black-and-white photographs of nightclub crowds. I wish I could have seen if they had decorated the inside of the house as a nightclub as well, but the front yard display certainly was impressive!

front yard Halloween decorations in Glen Ridge, featuring Andy Warhol at Studio 54

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