Living the dreamy artistic life with Roche Bobois

I’m not sure how I got on Roche Bobois‘s mailing list, but every time I receive their catalog in the mail, I am slightly amused by the incredible fantasy life that they portray. Don’t get me wrong, I think their furniture and general offerings are gorgeous, but the homes in which their artistic director sets the photo shoots are so far-fetched as to only feel familiar to the jet-set crowd. Let’s look at this example (click here) below from their 2014 Fall/Winter Collections: the bed itself doesn’t seem completely unattainable, but how many people live in a home with ancient Greek frescoes, modern sculpture, and a huge open wall that looks out on a yard that resembles the grounds of Versailles? And in the midst of this luxurious environment, the homeowner didn’t even bother to make his or her bed and knocked all the pillows to the floor …! I guess the crew that comes in to dust the modern sculpture will make the bed for them. Wouldn’t that be the life? Or maybe there’s a golf course in that back yard and there was such a rush to tee-off from the bedroom that there wasn’t time to make the bed. Aah, the fantasies can continue on and on from this picture! It’s actually kind of fun …

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