Finding inspiration for an Arcimboldo laying on the street

I was walking the dogs the other day, and passed by a neighbor’s house, where they had put some trimmed bush branches and other dead plants out on the curbside for garbage pickup. I walked by, seeing it for what it was, and then paused, thinking that I had seen an art historical reference laying there instead. You can see the actual dead bush that I saw, below top left, and then see the Guiseppe Arcimboldo painting titled “Winter” (from 1573, below top right), which features some similar roots and branches.

In my search for the Arcimboldo painting, I happened upon one of Arcimboldo’s sketches for “Winter,” which is shown below, bottom left. I decided to have some fun and incorporate my photograph into a collage for my own sketch of “Winter,” below bottom right.

Guiseppe Arcimboldo, and his painting Winter from the Four Seasons

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