Gregos Art, from the streets of Paris to your home

When I was in Paris a couple years ago, I kept noticing sculpted and painted faces attached to walls all over the place, especially in and around Montmartre. I couldn’t help but smile whenever I saw one, as they were very colorful and often in hard to reach places, like some sort of deity watching over the people walking the streets of Paris.

It was only recently, via Instagram, that I learned the identity of this artist: his name is Gregos, and he lives in Montmartre, although he has placed his “face” street art works all over the world. But here’s the cool thing I discovered today – I could buy one if I wanted to … and I think I do! Scroll down on his “shop” page, and while I think it would be fun to get one of the blank ones and paint it myself, it would be better to get one that he’s painted himself, so that it feels like (and is) the real deal.

street art by Gregos, as seen in Montmartre

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