Move aside, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy: the Mondrian phone is here!

I received an interesting press release the other day: “March 7th, 2014: Today, on Piet Mondrian’s birthday, Mobiado announces the first in its new Dream Color series: the Professional 3 DC – Piet Mondrian.” The description of a “Professional 3 DC” is a bit confusing – what is a 3 DC? But the bottom line is, it’s a funky new phone inspired by modern artist Piet Mondrian!

A first look at it doesn’t exactly bring up thoughts of Mondrian, though, because it’s covered with stripes. Makes me think of Gene Davis instead. But Mobiado has it covered because they’ve included a replica of Mondrian’s “Composition A” on the inside of the battery cover (see below right). The press release describes it better this way:

“The aluminum frame of the Professional 3 DC – Piet Mondrian is created from aircraft aluminum to build a strong/stiff yet light body, anodized to produce a rock hard ceramic coating for the toughest of uses, and then hand painted by an artist to produce the final Engineering Artwork. Large sapphire crystal plates are precision inset into the aluminum body and are combined with buttons and screws created from stainless steel. Within the battery cover is a miniature reproduction of Piet Mondrian’s famous “Composition A” artwork placed under a sapphire plate. A replica of the original artwork on the inside creating a perfect symmetry with the modern interpretation on the outside. Only a limited quantity will be produced.”

There’s only one problem – it doesn’t look like there’s anywhere one can buy a Mobiado Mondrian in the U.S. – and when I went to the website of a Canadian distributor, my virus scan software kicked in to block a threat. Could you make it any harder or more-dangerous to buy your phone?

Mobiado Mondrian phone

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