Homage to Mondrian, but with a playful twist

I saw these three pieces by Nelson Leirner yesterday at the Armory Show, and the homage to Mondrian is perfectly clear, but I wondered about the knobs on the surface. But a closer look shows that each of the 15 knobs is attached to a square panel, and the 16th slot is blank … so in reality, these are bigger versions of the sliding puzzle game that many of us of a certain age might have had as kids (scroll down to see 2nd group of pictures). And sure enough, the dealer present at the booth of gallery Silvia Cintra + Box 4 where these were displayed said that some collectors who own these do indeed shuffle the panels around on occasion, giving them a different “Mondrian” each time they do it! Love it!

Mondrian inspired art puzzles by Nelson Leirner

art works that double as puzzles, inspired by Piet Mondrian, made by Nelson Leirner

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