A fresh jazz sound coming out of Gothenburg, Sweden

I was recently introduced to the music of a jazz trio from Sweden, who call themselves “generation VAB.” The trio consists of Anton Davidsson on drums, David Bennet on saxophone, and Gustav Davidsson on trombone. It kind of goes against tradition to not have a bass in a jazz trio, but the fact that generation VAB uses the trombone to lay down the bass lines, I think this is what gives them a unique sound.

This song is titled “Ofritt,” which translates to “bound, committed, restrained.” It has a somewhat quirky start, but at the 30 second mark, the sax jumps in and the groove starts to roll. Check them out here, but make sure to scroll down after the video plays, because there’s something mysterious going on in this video …

Did you notice the black object moving around in the background? It first makes its appearance at the 50 second mark, where it moves in the background, on the grass, from right to left, between the saxophonist and the drummer. Then at the 1:20 mark, you see it appear again further in the background, moving around for at least 10 seconds. At 1:40, it starts moving towards the rocks, and eventually makes a stage exit right. Is it an animal? It seems to move in a hover-like manner, so it doesn’t seem that it would be something moving on four legs, but even when I blow up the pictures, below, I still can’t make out what exactly it is. I sent an e-mail request to Anton Davidsson for some clarification, but haven’t heard back yet. If you have any ideas, let us know. In the meantime, enjoy the music, because I think generation VAB has a bright future in jazz!

jazz trio Generation VAB with a mysterious being moving around in the background

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