The story behind the carport at Fallingwater

At the end of our tour of Fallingwater on Memorial Day weekend, we were ushered into a multimedia room for a short video about Frank Lloyd Wright and Fallingwater. They explained that this room used to be the four car carport that was part of the original house. But the interesting thing that the tour guide told us was that the client, Edgar Kaufmann, actually wanted a four car garage. But Frank Lloyd Wright refused to build a garage, because he thought that the enclosed space would only “inspire the collection of clutter,” so Wright insisted on a carport, to keep things clean and simple.

Here’s a view of the carport at Fallingwater, with a few unintended visitors in the way of a clear view … also, the glass you see in the bays of the carport is now the windows of the outer wall of the multimedia room, so it would have been more-open and a full carport back in the day.

Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece Fallingwater, with its 4 car carport

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