Inflatable Art at the Montclair Art Walk

Last night was the 11th edition of The Montclair Art Walk, although I’m a tad bit embarrassed to admit that it was my first time attending it! A lot of the venues listed were not art galleries, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but at the end of the night, I thought it was great. While I certainly enjoyed the art galleries I did see, I’ve always been a fan of art in unexpected places (hence Artsology’s sister site, The Arts Adventurer), and thought the whole event was very well done.

My first stop of the night was the Montclair Library. Visitors were greeted outside by these two inflatable sculptures by an artist named “Bayard.” I’m trying to find something – anything – about Bayard online, but Google searches are bringing me to a dead-end, so Bayard, if you see this, give us a shout.

inflatable art by Bayard at the Montclair Art Walk

I did see something, however, suggesting that these two sculptures are supposed to represent dogs, and are meant as a play on the two lions that sit out front of the New York Public Library. Below left we have “Big Fat Dog Asleep On Her Belly,” and below right we have “Fu.” They kind of remind me of the inflatable sculptures by Sharon Englestein that I saw at the Grounds for Sculpture Museum Building in Hamilton, NJ, last summer.

inflatable sculptures by Bayard in front of the Montclair Library

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