French graffiti about Americans blowing things up

I saw these two examples of political graffiti on the streets of Paris on my recent visit there. If you look closely at the image at left, found in the neighborhood near the Canal St. Martin, it looks like George W. Bush (2nd from left) has his foot on the handle of a detonator, with Dick Cheney to his immediate right, grinning in compliance. Who is the guy giving the thumbs up behind them? Boris Yeltsin? It’s hard to say, since part of the wheat-pasted image has been ripped off the wall.

The image at right, as seen in the Latin Quarter neighborhood of Paris, is a different type of “blowing up.” This time it appears that a bicycle pump labeled “Fed” is pumping up Barack Obama (which I’m guessing this is, based on the large ear and hair style, top left). The guy handling the pump doesn’t look like Ben S. Bernanke, the current chairman of The Fed, maybe he’s just supposed to represent a corporate “fat cat” with his big cigar. At any rate, we can’t get the full political message here either, since this one has also been partially ripped off.

It’s interesting that French graffiti artists would want to make art regarding American politics; these appear to be two different styles (and eras), suggesting two different artists dealing with the topic of American politics.

french political graffiti featuring George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Barack Obama

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