Finding a little bit of hell in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

The Jr. Artsologists and I were in NYC today, off on a venture to see the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Despite living in either NYC or NJ for the past 20 years, somehow this destination had never been visited before today. But before I get into what we saw there, we saw these fun things on our walk from Penn Station through the “Hell’s Kitchen” neighborhood on our way up to 46th and 12th, where the Intrepid is located. We’ve got an inflatable “Devil” that marks the entrance to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, and a very-lifelike zombie monster outside of some Off-Broadway theater. The creepy thing was that the wind was blowing enough that this zombie monster swayed back and forth, leading several passers-by to wonder whether it was a real person trying to freak people out.

inflatable devil and zombie monster in Hell's Kitchen, NYC

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